Common Mistakes To Avoid As A Beginner In WordPress

By | July 23, 2020

These are some of the common mistakes you may avoid as a beginner in WordPress for blogging.

After purchasing your domain and hosting account for blogging, WordPress will be the common Content Management System (CMS). That is comes into the minds of newbie bloggers.

Of course, it is either you connect your domain and hosting to propagate and you head over to Softaculous. You can also use WordPress software to create your blog.

But before that, I believe you have planned very well and know the niche you want to venture into. Niches like Entertainment, Gossip, News, Lifestyles or Tech are competitive though — but you can give any a try based on your passion.

Website like WP Beginner is there to help both old and new bloggers. To know anything about WordPress regarding how to setup a blog, create menu, create the legal WordPress pages for Google AdSense approval and other third party advertisement. Install WordPress theme that matches your niche, and installing the necessary plugins.

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After buying your hosting from any of the recommended best cheap hosting companies over the internet, and installing WordPress, the next thing is to configure your WordPress website and these are some of the common mistakes you should avoid today.

Common Mistakes To Avoid As A Beginner In WordPress

  • Make sure to delete default posts and pages created by WordPress: WordPress after installation, comes with some default posts and pages you should delete immediately.
  • Carefully Choose Permalink structure: You should always choose your permalinks carefully, even before you begin to use WordPress for blogging. Permalinks are meant to be permanent URLs and changing your permalinks can lead your blog posts to error 404.
  • Update Your Core Files: Always remember to update your WordPress core files, your plugins, and your WordPress themes. Update as soon as you see a new version of software come out is best practice
  • Do not install too many plugins: Always follow the rule not to install too many WordPress plugins. Instead, research and wisely choose only those plugins that will positively contribute to the functioning of your WordPress website.
  • Create Child Theme First Before Changing your theme: If you want to change your WordPress theme, first of all try creating a child theme and do changes there. Alternatively, use the customizer to customize your theme
  • Delete your unwanted content: Using WordPress for blogging or website designing is nicer. Since it gives you the option to customize themes to suit your style. You may sometimes want to delete a certain post, but not knowing the implications it can cause in Search Engine Optimization way. That is why it is always recommend that you delete your unwanted contents the right way, by creating redirects for deleting posts.

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I believe this post has helped served as a guide to avoid some common mistakes in setting up your WordPress website, then we urge you to share — to spread this awesome information with others.

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