How To Borrow Vodafone SOS Credit In Ghana 2021

By | June 30, 2021

There can be times we ran out of credit and want to make some urgent phone call – to rescue our lives. Not only do we ran out of credit – but there might not be any airtime vendor around to either buy Vodafone credit or do Vodafone credit transfer to your phone.

When this happens, the only option that comes to your mind is to borrow credit. Well, Vodafone Ghana as a mobile network gives you the option to borrow credit from the Vodafone SOS credit, make that call and pay later on your next top up.

Despite some popular mobile networks in Ghana like MTN Ghana, AirtelTigo and Glo Ghana — giving the chance for users to borrow airtime of their choice at their convenient pace, Vodafone Ghana also has interesting package like that for its subscribers to borrow airtime and pay anytime they wish.

Just like MTN Ghana, a Vodafone Ghana user will be charged 10% as a commission incurred on the airtime credit borrowed.

In today’s article, I would like to explain to you how to borrow Vodafone Credit in Ghana – as Vodafone SOS credit loan.

Who is Eligible to borrow airtime on Vodafone

Before you can be eligible to borrow airtime from Vodafone SOS credit in Ghana, your SIM card or Vodafone number must be registered and have been for a minimum period of 15 days with regular credit top ups.

Vodafone Ghana SOS Credit Short code

The Vodafone Ghana sos credit for airtime loan is *505#. After dialing this short code, you will have the credit amount and choose any of them – that can help make your call to your satisfaction. Here are they below.

  • GHS 1.50
  • GHS 2
  • GHS 5
  • GHS 10
  • GHS 15

How To Borrow SOS Credit From Vodafone Ghana

Knowing the Vodafone SOS credit loan and its short code, this is how to borrow airtime from Vodafone Ghana.

  1. Dial the shortcode, *505#
  2. Select the credit loan that is available
  3. Enter the option next to confirm
  4. Now, you will have to wait for a while and Vodafone Ghana will send you a message that your request is successful.

Despite borrowing Vodafone airtime credit from Vodafone SOS in Ghana, you have the option to also borrow Vodafone data bundles and pay later at your convenient time.

How To Borrow Vodafone Data Bundle In Ghana

Vodafone Ghana allows you to borrow SOS bundle to surf the internet and pay at your own time. This is how to apply for Vodafone loan bundle in Ghana.

  • Dial *700# on your phone
  • Select a bundle from data menu option
  • Confirm the option you chose and proceed

To check your borrowed data balance, dial *700*2# — to check your borrow data bundle balance on Vodafone in Ghana.

Now, you are done with how to borrow airtime from Vodafone credit loan and Vodafone SOS bundle in Ghana. You can also learn how to borrow money from Vodafone Cash Ready Loan in Ghana easily.

How To Pay For Vodafone SOS Credit In Ghana

To pay for your Vodafone SOS credit, kindly purchase Vodafone credit from any Vendor, Vodafone Cash or buy Vodafone credit from other mobile money service. Once you purchase the Vodafone credit, leave it for a while and Vodafone Ghana shall deduct the SOS credit automatically.

To check your Vodafone balance in Ghana, kindly dial *124# and you will receive a feedback about your remaining credit. You can also dial *126# to check your Vodafone data bundle or Vodafone credit bonus easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vodafone SOS Loan Credit In Ghana

How to borrow credit from Vodafone SOS credit in Ghana

Borrow credit when you have less than GHs 2 and pay back the next time you top up. You must be a Vodafone user for more than 90 days before you can access this service. It’s simple! Just dial *505# to borrow credit.

code to borrow money from Vodafone SOS credit Ghana

The code to borrow SOS credit form Vodafone Ghana is *505# and select the airtime you want.

how to borrow credit on Vodafone Ghana

Dial *505#
Select any amount you want to borrow
Choose the option 1 to confirm
Just wait within seconds to confirm the transaction.

how to load Vodafone credit

To load Vodafone credit unto your phone number, kindly dial the Vodafone airtime loading shortcode, *134* then add the airtime code and press #. Wait for it to load and you can dial *124# to check your Vodafone airtime balance.

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