How To Subscribe To Vodafone Ghana Night King Bundle

Despite MTN Ghana being the commonly used mobile telecommunication network in Ghana, Vodafone Ghana is another mobile telecommunication company having many Ghanaian subscribing to their mobile network for calls, surfing the internet and sending SMS.

From Ghana Telecom to Vodafone Ghana, the telecommunication company has a value for why you should switch for a change today. If you are looking for interesting data bundle plans in Ghana for browsing the internet on longer hours, then you can consider Vodafone with best internet packages.

In today’s article, I shall give you more information you will need to subscribe to the Vodafone Night King bundle in Ghana.

One merit you can derive from the Vodafone Night King bundle in Ghana is how you are offered a 2GB data for GHS 2 and a 5GB data for GHS 5 – as a cheap Vodafone internet bundle in Ghana.

These are the steps you should follow to activate to Vodafone Night King Bundle in Ghana.

  1. On your phone, kindly dial *700#
  2. Select the option 1 – for Data Bundles
  3. Select option 8 – for Night King Bundle
  4. Select Option 1 to buy 7.5GB Data for GHS 5.40 (12am – 4am) or Option 2 to buy 2GB Data for GHS 2.15 (12am – 4am)
  5. Select Option 1 or 2 to select your payment method
  6. Activate your Vodafone Night King Bundle
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Despite using the Vodafone Internet bundle short code *700#, you can also use another shortcode to bundle for the Vodafone Night King Bundle.

  • Dial *151#
  • Select option 2 for Data Preference
  • Select option 1
  • Select option 1 for data bundles
  • Select Option 8 to Buy Night King Bundle
  • Select Option 1 to buy 7.5GB Data for GHS 5.40 (12am – 4am) or Option 2 to buy 2GB Data for GHS 2.15 (12am – 4am)
  • Choose the option 1 for your payment preference to subscribe to the bundle.

Congrats, you are now done with how to subscribe to Vodafone Night King Bundle in Ghana easily.

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