How To Borrow Money From Vodafone Cash Ghana

Getting a loan today should not be as difficult like before, and this post is all about the steps to getting Vodafone Cash loan on your mobile phone.

Accessing instant mobile loans in Ghana is simple and fast due to the advent of mobile money services in Ghana.

MTN in collaboration with some money lending institution in Ghana stated with Quick Loan to help its customers access fast loans on their phones in times of need.

Well there is good news for Vodafone customers because they can also now access this Quick Loan service on their phones.

How To apply for Vodafone Cash Mobile Money Loan

If you are willing to apply for a Vodafone Cash loan onto your Vodafone Cash mobile money wallet, you need to follow the steps and guides below.

Before you can apply to this service, you must first of all;

  • Have a valid and registered Vodafone sim.
  • Make sure your sim card is registered to the Vodafone Cash service.
  • Download the FIDO LOAN APP
  • Register with your details
  • During the application process, you will be asked to enter the Vodafone cash number you want to receive the loan into.
  • A text will be sent to your phone to confirm your application.
  • There after the required amount of money requested for will be sent into you Vodafone cash wallet.

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Note although Vodafone Ghana does provide a direct loan service using Vodafone Cash, you can use the process above to acquire into your Vodafone wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vodafone Cash Mobile Money Loan in Ghana.

Can MTN Quick Loan Work On A Vodafone Number?

No, MTN quick loan is probably for MTN Ghana SIM subscribers only.

Does Vodafone Cash Give Loans In Ghana?

Vodafone Cash does not give direct loan currently in Ghana. You can only apply for a loan using the guides stated here.

Vodafone Cash Money Lending In Ghana

To be able to apply for Vodafone Cash Money Lending in Ghana, you just have to follow the steps given here.

How to take loan using Vodafone Cash in Ghana

You can take a loan using Vodafone Cash in Ghana and you will have to follow the simple steps and guides provided here.

Vodafone Cash short code for loan in Ghana

The only short code for Vodafone Cash mobile money loan is using *110# or you can follow the steps above here.

Vodafone Cash loan service

The Vodafone Cash loan service is the best initiative to borrow money from Vodafone Cash in Ghana and pay later using your Vodafone Cash wallet.

Thanks for reading our today’s guide on how to Borrow Money From Vodafone Cash Ghana — as a mobile money loan platform in Ghana.

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