How To Borrow Money From Vodafone Cash Ready Loan In Ghana

Not long ago, Vodafone Ghana introduced the vodafone cash ready loan for average Ghanaian Vodafone Cash account users to be able to borrow money and pay back — just like the MTN Qwik Loan offer.

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With the advancement of technology and Financial Technology (FinTech), getting a loan today should not be as difficult like before, and this post is all about the steps to getting Vodafone Cash ready loan on your mobile phone.

Accessing instant mobile loans in Ghana is simple and fast due to the advent of mobile money services in Ghana.

MTN in collaboration with some money lending institution in Ghana stated with Quick Loan to help its customers access fast loans on their phones in times of need.

Well there is good news for Vodafone customers because they can also now access this Vodafone Cash Quick Loan service on their phones.

What Is Vodafone Cash Ready Loan?

The Vodafone Cash Ready Loan offer in Ghana is a loan offer that is given to all Vodafone Ghana customers who are active on the Vodafone mobile network and has been using the Vodafone Cash mobile money service for long.

The Ready Cash is a Term Loan (the Product) from Vodafone Ghana Mobile Financial Services Limited (Vodafone Cash) underwritten by Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG).

How To apply for Vodafone Cash Mobile Money Loan

If you are willing to apply for a Vodafone Cash loan onto your Vodafone Cash mobile money wallet, you need to follow the steps and guides below.

If you are looking for how to get a loan from Vodafone, then probably the Vodafone Cash loan is the best you can apply for using Vodafone Cash code in Ghana. You can apply for loan at ease using the Vodafone cash code to borrow money from Vodafone Ghana.

How To Apply For Vodafone Cash Ready Loan

If you are looking for how to apply for Vodafone cash ready loan as part of instant mobile money loans, then follow the simple steps below.

Before you can apply to this service, you must first of all;

  • Have a valid and registered Vodafone SIM.
  • Register your Vodafone SIM card for Vodafone Cash service.
  • Dial Vodafone Cash short code, *110#
  • Choose option 5, for Financial Services
  • Select option 3, for Loans
  • You will be ask to enter your amount and confirm with Vodafone Cash PIN.
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After passing through this step, Vodafone Ghana with their mobile money cash service will send the requested loan amount unto your Vodafone cash number you want to receive the loan into, the required amount of money requested for will be sent into you Vodafone cash wallet.

Note: If you are not qualified for the Vodafone Cash ready loan, you will be asked to select loan option and watch out for something exciting.

Also: How To Apply For Mobile Money Loans In Ghana

Vodafone Ghana provide a direct loan service using Vodafone Cash, and you can use your Vodafone Cash Mobile Money to acquire a loan into your Vodafone Cash wallet.

Some people are looking for the various ways to get a loan from Vodafone Cash and am here with this article to guide and take you through how to apply online.

How To Repay Your Vodafone Cash Ready Loan

Vodafone Ghana makes it easier to apply for a loan offer without any insurance needed. After borrowing from Vodafone Cash loan by following its terms and conditions, you are required to pay back your loan applied for.

To repay your Vodafone Cash Ready Loan offer in Ghana, kindly follow the steps below here.

  • Deposit the amount repayable or more into your Vodafone Cash account — before the due date to repay your loan.
  • Vodafone cash under Vodafone Ghana will deduct the exact loan amount automatically from your Vodafone Cash wallet on the due date.
  • Vodafone Ghana allows you to repay your loan manually at any time, by selecting the Repay loan option on the Vodafone Cash Ready Loan menu by following *110#.

Benefits from Vodafone cash loans in Ghana.

Vodafone Ghana has made it easier to request for a loan from Vodafone Cash loan service in Ghana — and the necessary information you may be needing on getting your Vodafone Cash loan can be accessed online within some couple of minutes. Access to instant mobile loans in Ghana is easier because of mobile money services in Ghana. With your phone handy, you can access loans at the point of financial need without undergoing stress. Vodafone customers in Ghana can now access this Vodafone Cash quick loan service and here are some of the benefits below.

  • No guarantor needed before you can get a loan from your Vodafone Cash wallet
  • Flexible and convenient payment options
  • Inflation or foreign exchange does not affect loan charges
  • You have the choice to choose any amount you desire.
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Vodafone Cash Reay Loan Video Guide

This is a complete video of how to borrow money from your Vodafone Cash wallet with their Vodafone Cash Ready Loan service in Ghana.

Vodafone Cash ready loan terms and conditions

Ready loan is available on Vodafone Cash in Ghana and under the Vodafone Cash ready loan terms and conditions, it states that — you must be 18 years old and active on Vodafone Cash Mobile Money. Just like MTN Qwik Loan offer, you will be charged a fixed monthly interest rate for your Ready loan and a penal interest when you default on repayment. The duration for your Ready loan is fixed for 30 days and you are allowed to make payment before the due given date.

Accepting the terms and conditions means you agree to receiving information on Vodafone. You Agree that Vodafone can share your personal information and credit information with authorised parties for regulatory, collection and commercial purposes. By signing Up it means you have accepted the terms and conditions as stated at Vodafone Cash Ready Loan Offer Terms And Conditions in Ghana.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vodafone Cash Mobile Money Loan in Ghana.

Vodafone Cash loan service

The Vodafone Cash loan service is the best initiative to borrow money from Vodafone Cash in Ghana and pay later using your Vodafone Cash wallet.

Can MTN Quick Loan Work On A Vodafone Number?

No, MTN quick loan is probably for MTN Ghana SIM subscribers only.

Does Vodafone Cash Give Loans In Ghana?

Vodafone Cash does not give direct loan currently in Ghana. You can only apply for a loan using the guides stated here.

Vodafone Cash Money Lending In Ghana

To be able to apply for Vodafone Cash Money Lending in Ghana, you just have to follow the steps given here.

How to take loan using Vodafone Cash in Ghana

You can take a loan using Vodafone Cash in Ghana and you will have to follow the simple steps and guides provided here.

Vodafone Cash Ready Loan short code in Ghana

The only short code for Vodafone Cash mobile money loan is using *110# or you can follow the steps above here.

how to register Vodafone Cash Ready Loan

For you to register ready loan from Vodafone Cash, you will have to dial *110# and select the Financial Services, then choose Loans to enter your desired amount.

how to borrow money from Vodafone cash Ghana
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Since Vodafone Ghana now gives mobile loan to their Vodafone Cash users, you can dial *110# and select the option for Financial Services >> Loans and enter your amount and PIN to confirm.

how to qualify for Vodafone cash ready loan

To qualify for Vodafone Cash Ready Loan in Ghana as requirements for Vodafone cash ready loan service, you will have to register your Vodafone SIM card in Ghana before you can be qualified to apply for a loan.

Code to borrow money from Vodafone cash Cash Ready Loan

The short code to borrow money from — from Vodafone is *110#.

Code To Borrow Money From Vodafone cash ready Loan

The code for borrowing money from you account. Simply dial *110#, Select Financial Services and choose Loans from the options that comes.

Vodafone Cash Code in Ghana

The Vodafone Cash Mobile Money USSD code in Ghana is *110# — for all Vodafone Cash services.

Vodafone ready loan terms and conditions

The Vodafone ready loan terms and conditions in Ghana requires that you must be 18 years and above before applying for the loan.

How to get Bigger Loans on Vodafone Cash Ready Loan

To be qualified and get bigger loans on Vodafone Cash Ready Loan offer in Ghana, all you need to do is to increase your Vodafone Cash activities and pay back your Vodafone Cash loan on the due time.

What Happens If I do not pay back my ready loan on time or at all?

If you fail to make repayment for loan on the due time, Vodafone Ghana will charge you for a late payment and your information will be submitted to credit related institutions and blacklisted.

Vodafone Cash charges in Ghana

Vodafone Ghana has charges on the Mobile Money service for withdrawal, transfers and more. You can check out more information from here: Vodafone Cash charges

Vodafone Cash agent commission

Vodafone Cash has designated the month of June to reward its customers and agents on the mobile money transaction for being loyal to the network.

How Can Borrow From Vodafone Cash Quick Credit

The USSD code for Vodafone cash mobile money loan in Ghana is *110#

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