How Google Is Fighting Coronavirus Using The Power Of Technology

By | March 14, 2020

This article is related to How Google Is Fighting The Coronavirus Disease Using The Power Of Technology.

With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus disease, a lot of tech firms are using their powers of technology to tackle the issue as more tech companies join hands together to fight the disease. With this, some major tech companies like, Alibaba, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google and U.S government are all putting heads together to fight the coronavirus disease.

To Google, the recent days and weeks have been challenging for their industry, their customers, and their employees as their CEO, Sundar Pichai wrote how the COVID-19 is affecting their communities in different ways.

Sundar Pichai indicated that many people are counting on them as they have to make an approach with a sense of calm and responsibility.

“It’s important that we approach it with a sense of calm and responsibility — because we have many people counting on us.”

Google is operating in an increasingly dynamic market. People around the world are looking for helpful advice and accurate information. For example, searches for “travel advice” or “flight status” are rising.

Google on YouTube is working to quickly remove any video content that claims to prevent the coronavirus in place of seeking medical treatment. Not only that, but their advertisement aspect too — thus, the Google Ads, it’s not possible to run AdWords related to the Coronavirus. With this, Google has blocked all ads that are capitalizing on the coronavirus, and has blocked tens of thousands of ads over the past six weeks with the action of helping the World Health Organisation and government organisations to run PSA ads.

No only that. As Google has furthermore rolled out the free access to their advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to all G Suite customers globally through July 1, 2020. Thanks to the Google team as they as working with their possible best to support increased demand for public livestreaming on YouTube.

Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO has noted that there has been an increased interest in regions affected by COVID-19 as people look to connect virtually with their communities.

Another information sighted too indicates that, Google is working on a website to help tackle on the issue of the coronavirus in finding tests as more kits become available.

Google and the U.S government are working towards an information website to find more testing solutions to fight and tackle the issue of this coronavirus disease.

Google is also seeking from its employees if they want to volunteer in the effort

The company is also asking employees if they want to volunteer in the effort.

President Donald Trump also confirmed on Friday that Google has over 1,700 engineers working on a website right now.

During a press conference, Trump  said in announcing a state of emergency due to the coronavirus that these 1,700 engineers from Google are working on the effort now to come out with the coronavirus information site to help find testing.

Features of the website — Coronavirus information website.

With the coronavirus information website — these 1,700 engineers are working on, it has a lot more features you should know as we give you all below.

The screening website from Google  — coronavirus information site will be where people can fill out a questionnaire and learn how they can get a test for the coronavirus, as government officials said during the press conference. The website will have options to learn about risk factors and symptoms of the coronavirus disease.

Sundar Pichai, the Google CEO, said the company is working with governing officials to direct vulnerable patients to its Project Baseline website. Though it wasn’t immediately confirmed whether that was the same information website mentioned earlier by President Donald Trump.

In summary, Google is making a coronavirus information site to help find testing as this is How Google Is Fighting Coronavirus Using The Power Of Technology and more kits become available.

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