Google Is Testing Multi-coloured Quick Settings Icons In Android 11

By | February 27, 2020

Google Is Testing Multi-coloured Quick Settings Icons In Android 11.

Recently was when the information came that Google is planning to release the Android version 11 after the released of the Android 10 onto the mobile market.

Google is testing multi-colored Quick Settings icons in Android 11

Google just released the first Android 11 developer preview yesterday, but decided to make a lot of the features hidden from the public view until everything is completed.

There’s no reason behind why Google decided to keep some of the best features of the Android 11 hidden but we believe it may be available after the setup is done and will be officially announced to the general public.

Although Google has made some of the features hidden, the public should expect the major changes from the User Interface (UI) as the important features.

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In terms of consumer electronic, there’s no way you can do away with smartphones usage and Google plays a major role in making it easy for consumers on their electronics by the provision of the Android versions to mobile phone manufacturers and making a lot of improvement in the Android application to satisfy android smartphone users.

Taking a look into the Android 11 system dump from the Pixel 4, there is “QSColorController” in SystemUI. The “QSColorController” in SystemUI is responsible for overriding the color of tiles in the Quick Settings panel, and through some debug commands referenced in the code, it’s possible to individually change the colours of each Quick Setting tile.

Google Is Testing Multi-coloured Quick Settings Icons In Android 11. 

As you can see in the photo above from the view of the Android 11 UI, it comes with Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Flashlight, Auto-rotate, Battery Saver, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Night Light of which all of these have different colours from the previously produced Google’s Pixel 2.

Clarification: These colours for the Quick Settings titles as we can see above in the screenshot were randomly selected by XDA Developers as these colour combinations are not pre-defined by Google for those specific actions, other than the fact that the colour choice is limited to one of those four colours.

Google Is Testing Multi-coloured Quick Settings Icons In Android 11 and more updates coming soon about this.

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