Top 5 Sites Recommended For CEO To Learn

Top 5 Sites Recommended For CEO To Learn.

Learning has become part of human and there’s no way we can do away with learning and implementing new things in our lives to make impact. CEO as we all know — stands for Chief Executive Officer.

5 Of The Top Sites For CEO To LearnYou should always know and keep in mind that, as a CEO, your days or weeks are planned months in advance. These plans take a lot as you need to strategize with your employees, interview potential employees, and meet with your clients.

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How can a CEO be expected to always stay on top of the business and management strategies since there are a lot of tasks at hand? What to talk of — about being top of the latest piece of technology that will impact their firm? Where’s the time to further and learn new communication skills at all?

Thanks to the advancement of technology in such that, there are a lot of websites now that CEO can check always to improve their skills.

Here are the 5 top websites that every CEO should check out to learn more skills.

The Chief Executive Magazine has proven to be the leading publication for CEOs for the past 30 years. The website of Chief Executive Magazine features the latest news, practical advice, and research that executives can implement to lead their organizations to success. The site also includes CEO insights which cover everything from manufacturing to team management to marketing & sales. There are also informative lists (such as the best and worst states for business), webinars, newsletters and networks for your specific industry to help CEOs grow an individuals and effective leaders.

Coursmos can be mentioned as the world’s first micro-learning platform that is recommended for CEOs. Coursmos offers over 76,000 lessons, which are broken down into more than 17,500 courses. Each of these courses consists of a video that lasts under three minutes for CEOs, which means that it’s perfect to squeeze in a course whenever you have a couple of minutes to spare. You can view a course on your PC or mobile device as well.

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Particularly for CEOs that are busy, Coursmos can be used to enhance their skills by working on their personal (such as social skills, memory training) and professional (like how to conduct interviews, how to lead change) development. There are also technology courses if there’s a desire to keep up with the latest gadgets and advancements

Just like Chief Executive Magazine, has been noted as a website that is dedicated strictly for CEOs with the latest news, insights, and advice. The website also features interviews with buzz worthy CEOs, discusses how CEOs are paid and shares the lifestyle of a CEO. Despite that, includes valuable resources like instructional guides, reports, and videos. One of the best features, however, is the CEO Series section.

The Corporate Executive Board is recognized as the world’s leading member-based advisory company. For over the last 30 years, Corporate Executive Board has been making much improvement by conducting research to develop insights and actionable solutions for executives. With valuable information to find advice regarding everything from finance, human resources, legal, marketing, technology and innovative strategies are discussed and shared. The website of Corporate Executive Board also comes with services, such as talent management solutions and in-depth guides for management.

OpenSesame is yet another online website to talk of — that educates CEOs on business training. With compatible Learning Management Systems, it’s easy to learn on their platform so displaying the content shouldn’t be an issue. While OpenSesame can be useful for all employees, CEOs can use it as a resource to strengthen their knowledge regarding leadership, business ethics, business strategy, team building, and time management.

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The fact that you’re a busy Chief Executive Officer doesn’t mean you should stop learning and these websites listed above can serve some useful purpose as you can learn more to enhance your skills.

Top 5 Sites Recommended For CEO To Learn.

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