The Founder Of EmpressLeak And His Arrest

By | August 22, 2020

The Founder Of EmpressLeak And His Arrest.

This is a short article about the founder of Empress Leak and his arrest in Ghana.

For almost a week, the issue the founder for Empress Leak has been circulating over the various social media channels.

We want to take this time to address our readers a bit on some of the vital information you may need to know about the popular p*rn site, Empress Leak.

Though uploading of videos that belong to underages are against the law, we shall take a look at some of the information you need to know and how the investigation started.

I believe you know EmpressLeak already as a video uploading website in Ghana, but I will like to highlight you on it again.

What Is Empress Leak?

Empress Leak is an adult website in Ghana, with uploading of adult videos from Ghana and beyond.

According to stats, EmpressLeak as a website in Ghana has over millions of users from African countries and other European countries.

Who Is The Founder of Empress Leak?

The founder of Empress Leak is Anderson Ofosu Hene and known popularly as Mario G. A thirty-five (35) year old guy who lives in Osino, Eastern Region.

Based on fact checks, Anderson Ofosu Hene has been operating the Empress Leak since 2014 with the motive of uploading nude videos and pictures of young people under 18 years — in demanding of money before taking off the video from the website, EmpressLeak.

Anderson Ofosu Hene was arrested at Osino, in the Eastern Region.

What Caused The Arrest of Mr. Ofosu Hene of Empress Leak?

This started in earlier January 2020, when a case of a student (under 18 years) from one of the Senior High Schools in Ghana reported a case to the Ghana Police of her pictures being published on the website.

Several measures were taken into consideration and started investigating into the issue and got the evidence that the case was true from the student.

The Ghana Police team under this investigation into the case took almost six (6) months before they were able to arrest the founder of Empress Leak, Mr. Anderson Ofosu Hene.

Mr. Anderson Ofosu Hene has been extorting money from victims whose pictures and videos have been published on the website before removing them from the website.

Mario G charges between GHS 500 and GHS 2000 from victims through a certain mobile money account before removing their contents, as reported by the Ghana Police Service.

Though victims pay for their contents to be removed from the website, but those pictures and videos are uploaded before their payment of which most people get access to the pictures and the videos hours before they are taken down and such people also tend to use them for blackmailing these victims by threatening to publish their nudes again online.

These actions were believed to be some kind of using social media and online dating platforms to form some kind of relationships with these victims, demand their nude pictures or videos of which they will later publish on the website, Empress Leak.

As to how much Mario G has made so far in 2020, the Director of Police, COP Isaac Yeboah said in a statement that, between the period after the lockdown and July, Marios G and his accomplices have made an amount of GHS 42,000 from extorting victims online.

It was reported Mario G was caught in the act of uploading videos and pictures of some victims on the day of his arrest.

Mario G was reported — has been granted bail of GHS 300,000 recently and we hope to follow and give you update about this.

It’s good you follow safety precaution and not to send your nude photos online.

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