How To Make Money Online And Get Paid Through Mobile Money In Ghana

By | May 17, 2022

This is a short article post on How To Make Money Online And Get Paid Through Mobile Money In Ghana.

I believe you landed on this post because you are desperate to make money online and get paid via your Mobile Money account in Ghana — doing simple and easy tasks over the internet.

I have been receiving calls from friends most at times, asking me the jobs they can do and make money online and get paid via their Mobile Money accounts. This most times, pushes me to find out what sort of businesses my friends can do online and make money into their mobile money accounts.

In this article, I have compiled some of the best online jobs friends and anyone can do to make money online and get paid through mobile money wallets as well in Ghana.

How To Make Money Online And Get Paid Through Mobile Money In Ghana. These are the legit online jobs that help you to make money online in Ghana that pay through Mobile Money.

Get Paid To Read News And Make Money Online

With the world of making money online, there are various ways you could utilize on — and make money over the internet. There is a chance to get paid to read news, comment and make up to GHS 30 in your Mobile Money wallet per article.

How To Make Money Reading News And Comment Online

With CedisRoom, you can join and make money online effectively by reading news and commenting only. To join CedisRoom, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Visit CedisRoom
  • Provide your Personal Details
  • Enter your Login details
  • Provide your Mobile Money details
  • Click on the submit button to complete.

You can get the complete guide here about How To Get Paid And Read News In Ghana


Blogging is one of the lucrative jobs you can do online and make money at ease. You only need your laptop connected to the internet, a small fee to purchase domain and hosting to start blogging.

Blogging simply means writing contents as a form of articles for a blog or website. A blog owner is called a blogger. A blogger needs a web traffic to make more money online based on how consistent he or she writes.How

How To Make Money Online As A Blogger In Ghana

If you are eager to know how to make money online and get paid through mobile money in Ghana, blogging is one of the online jobs you can consider. A blogger has varieties of ways to make money from his blog. You can make money from your blog through Direct Ads, Google AdSense, , Affiliate Marketing Commissions, Guest Posts etc.

If you are interested and willing to start a blog in Ghana, please don’t hesitate to contact 0542659477 — for guides and steps to become a blogger in Ghana and make money online.

Amazon Associates

If you want to make more money online, take a look into Amazon Affiliate and get paid through your Mobile Money wallet in Ghana.

Amazon Associates is one of the programms that allows you to earn a commission from products you shall promote on Amazon when people buy using your promotion links.

There is no stress in promoting Amazon Associates affiliate links — since you can share via Social media platforms or web directories.

Just sign up for Amazon Associates today and make money online to get paid through you Mobile Money account in Ghana.

Opera News Hub

With Opera News Hub, you get paid for writing interesting articles that readers love and engage to them. You are not required to be an expert writer, nor know how to drive readers to your written article — but only required to write what will be interested to readers online.

A writer can publish articles in categories ranging from health, relationship tips, news, politics, entertainment, fashion, educational tips, consumer electronics and technology — to get paid when people read.

Opera News Hub helps you to make money and get paid from your hobby as a writer.

After publishing your article on Opera News Hub, your article will undergo review process and will be approved within 30 seconds — provided your article is original.

Sign up for Opera News Hub and start writing to make money online using this Opera official link here.

Let’s now get to the other ways to make money online in Ghana and get paid through mobile money account.

Jumia Affiliate

Jumia Affiliate

Jumia Ghana is known to be one of the top ecommerce company, that has been in existence for long with variety of products you can choose from. From consumer electronics, fashions, house hold appliances and more. You can get paid on commission-based from Jumia Ghana through mobile money in Ghana.

You are only required to promote links of products on Jumia Ghana via various social media platforms or website and get paid when people make purchases for any of them — using your affiliate link. This commission you may received can be withdrew via mobile money in Ghana.

For how to register and start making money with Jumia Affiliate, Use the link here to visit Jumia Affiliate

15 Ghana

15 Ghana

Just like Fiverr, 15 Ghana also helps to sell your skills over the internet in Ghana — and get hired by people who might be in need of your service. This is purely converting your skills into money and get paid via mobile money.

There are varieties of skills you can showcase on 15 Ghana for people to hire you, ranging from website development, software development, how to write articles, how to make a flyer, programming, cartoon animation, video editing, and more. You can either post your skills or attend to what someone is in need of — on 15 Ghana.

On the platform, you can get paid as much as GHS 10 — GHS 30 for some of the simple jobs done. You can now request to be paid into your mobile money wallet.

15 Ghana is an online platform whereby your talent can turn your skills into Cash in Ghana.

Visit to explore your skills and make money online.

List Businesses on Google Maps

Listing of businesses on Google Maps can be one of the lucrative business opportunities to leverage on — if you desire to make money online and get paid via Mobile Money in Ghana.

You are not required to invest any amount of capital than to do your normal internet bundle and start listing businesses online to get paid via MoMo.

There are a lot of people that are using Google Map to search for location details when they travelled, finding Hotels, Restaurants, Special food joints and more. Listing some of these businesses online on Google Maps helps them get more customers and found online.

How To Add A Place On Google Maps

If you are a Ghanaian and wanting to list or add your location on Google Maps, kindly follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your device and click on Contribute
  2. Select Add Place
  3. Type in the name of the business, choose the type of business from the categories.
  4. Choose the Address of the business, and you can use the map to set the location of the business.
  5. Add the phone numbers of that business you are listing, working hours, website if they have, and the date the business was launched (optional)
  6. The final thing you will need to do is add photos of that business and upload quality images about that business so that Google will approve it fast.

Start Information Marketing Business (Sell Ebooks Online)

Information is power. Starting an information marketing business in Ghana by selling ebooks online and getting paid via your mobile money wallet can be one of the assured ways of making money online.

In starting an information marketing business, you just have to find what you are good at, and leverage on that to write an e-book in providing more information and tutorials on how to do something and you shall have a large number of people wiling to pay for your information compiled.

In one of our next article, we shall tackle how to start and make money from an information marketing business in Ghana.

This is all you may need to know about latest online jobs in Ghana that pay through Mobile Money.

Now, you are being fed with all the information on how to make money online an get paid through Mobile Money in Ghana. You can get paid through MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Money, Glo Money or Vodafone Cash.


Though there are varieties of online jobs over the internet, these are what I have for you today. These are the tested online jobs in Ghana that are working for me and I hope to bring you more if found and urge you to also share your mind or opinion about this, in case you also have some in mind.

If you are a student and searching for online student jobs or anything related to how to make money online as a student, then I recommend these online jobs for you to make money online and get paid into your mobile money account in Ghana.

Make good use of the internet to leverage on the latest Latest Online Jobs In Ghana That Pay Through Mobile Money today for 2021.

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    Freelance is my favourite way to make money online from Ghana. Although I am trying to see if blogging will work for me too. But writing and editing is a great way to earn a living online. If you have a rich client, you can charge a lot of dollars.


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