How To Increase Battery Life in Infinix And Tecno Phones

By | August 10, 2020

Today’s post is all about How To Increase Battery Life in Infinix And Tecno Phones. Tecno and Infinix Mobile phones have dominated over the smartphone market, particularly in Africa.

There’s nothing like getting a smartphone that has a durable battery life to take you to the extra mile.

The battery life of any smartphone is one of the most important aspects and such is why Infinix and Tecno Mobile manufacturers go the extra mile to provide you the best battery capacity in the mobile market.

The latest Infinix phones and TECNO Mobile phones come with other battery-saving features, such as power saving mode and ultra-power saving mode, to ensure you can extend the life of the battery for as long as you need.

Tips On Increasing Your Infinix And TECNO Phone’s Battery Life

Despite using power saving features phones, there are other ways to prolong the battery life in Infinix and Tecno mobile phones.

Choose low brightness

The display of a mobile phone device can consume up to 40% of the battery power averagely. The more you bright the display, the more your device consumes power and needs more power to stay on. One possible way to extend the battery life of your mobile device is by setting the display light to the lowest. This will minimize how your Infinix and Tecno mobile phone drain battery.

Identify Apps That Drain Your Battery

Sometimes, some mobile apps on your Infinix and Tecno phone can shorten your battery life. You can always find out which mobile apps are draining your battery power by optimizing the battery stats feature. This feature allows you to find out which apps are draining the battery power of your Infinix or Tecno mobile phone. You can always disable apps to stop them running in the background. Doing this alone can help you extend your battery life.

Disable sync settings

The sync function is important to most people because it allows them to sync different services like e-mail across all their devices. While this feature is convenient, it is also a serious battery drainer. If you need to make your phone battery last longer, you will need to disable the sync function.

Use The Power Saving Mode Feature

Infinix and TECNO mobile devices come with a power saving mode feature and ultra-power saving mode feature. These are emergency features created to ensure you can extend battery power for longer, especially when you cannot immediately plug your phone onto a charger. Ensure you activate any of these modes when you need to save on the phone charge.

Turn off GPS and Bluetooth

GPS and Bluetooth functions always require a lot of power from your mobile phone’s battery to work properly. Anytime you leave these functions on, they can drain your battery power. Always turn off Bluetooth and GPS functions when not using them.

Where To Replace The Battery For Infinix And TECNO

There’s no way your mobile phone will not develop a battery issue. Such is why it’s good to find best place you can replace battery for your Infinix or Tecno mobile phone. You can check for any Infinix Mobile office or Tecno Mobile Phone shops and talk to their customer service to replace your battery.

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Doing this will help you get a quality battery for your Infinix and Tecno mobile phone.

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