Tencent Targets Africa To Grow Its Music Streaming Service (Joox)

By | April 6, 2020

Tencent Targets Africa To Grow Its Music Streaming Service (Joox). 

Tencent Holdings Ltd. is looking to bring its paid music app Joox to some of Africa’s most populous countries after the streaming service proved a hit in Southeast Asia.

What is Joox?

Joox is a music streaming service owned by Tencent, launched in January 2015. Joox is the biggest music streaming app in Asian markets such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia , Myanmar and Thailand.

Joox is a freemium service, providing most of its songs free, while some songs are only available for premium users, offered via paid subscriptions or by doing different tasks offered.

In 2017, Joox launched their service in South Africa , their first non-Asian market but now the company is planning to roll it out to other key music markets in Africa. “There are a lot of local labels and artists that are big in Africa, but the whole digitalisation journey is not even there,” Tencent’s Poshu Yeung told Bloomberg, before suggesting that expanding in Africa at this stage is more appealing than scrapping for market share in more mature (in a streaming sense) regions. “Rather than go fighting for the pie, it’s better to build a pie.” According to the interview, Nigeria may be one of the first ports of call for Joox as it expands.

In summary,  just like spotify, Tencent Targets Africa To Grow Its Music Streaming Service (Joox).

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