Nigerian Passport Renewal Guides: How to Renew Your Nigerian Passport In Canada, USA and UK

By | June 11, 2022

Not long ago, an article was published about how to apply for a Nigerian passport online – explaining all the concepts and requirements before applying for your ECOWAS passport.

Today’s comprehensive guide is about how to renew your Nigerian passport all over the world.

The Nigerian International Passport is very useful document for citizens in Nigeria. Particularly, Nigerian citizens that want to travel outside the country.

The Nigerian passport as an official and legal document, has a date it started and surely has a date it shall expire. After expiry, it has to be renewed.

A standard Nigerian passport has a validity of ten (10) years before it expires. Hence, a Nigerian passport holder has to renew his or her passport once every 10 years.

Nigeria, Ghana and other countries under Economic of West Africa States (ECOWAS) have two types of passports, classified on the number of pages. There is a 32 page booklet and a 64 page booklet. The pages are where you will receive a stamp at, when travelling to any country with a Visa. If you happen to exhaust your pages before it expires, then you will have to renew it as well.

I would like to walk you through the complete guide you on How To Renew Your Nigerian Passport In Canada, USA and UK Online in 2022.

Duration for Nigerian Passport Renewal Process?

A Nigerian passport is valid for 10 years but renewing this booklet should not take more days to be done.

A Nigerian passport renewal process take almost 3 days to be ready. The renewal process can take up to one week and months if there is any problem.

How To Renew A Nigerian Passport Online

Thanks to rapid advancement in technology, as you can sit from the comfort of your room and renew your Nigerian passport online at ease.

Visa application, passport application and passport renewal can all be done via the online application portals.

This is how simply it is to renew your Nigerian passport online.

  1. Open the Nigerian Immigration Service portal,
  2. Fill the application form online, and ensure you provide accurate and verifiable information
  3. Make payment for renewal application fee. The renewal fee depends on the type of passport an applicant is having.
  4. After making the payment, there will be a unique application ID and reference code assigned to you. Write down the code, ID and keep safe
  5. Submit your passport renewal/application letter, along with the accompanying documents, to your “preferred immigration office”
  6. Your data (biometric) would be captured and verified at the passport office
  7. Now, you will be notified when your passport is ready and due for collection

Note: You must include a copy of passport data page, old or expired passport and payment receipt when going to the passport application office.

How To Renew Your Nigerian Passport In Houston

In the United States, Houston is the administrative and commercial capital of the state of Texas. Many Nigerians love that place and has become their home.

Though the Nigerian government does not have any physical address in Houston, but there are a lot of certified travel agencies you can find in the city. Most of these agencies help individuals to renew their Nigerian passport online at ease. Particularly, Nigerian Visa services in Houston, Texas is in charge for Nigerian passport renewal.

Also, there is Nigerian consulates in Atlanta and New York, and the embassy in Washington D.C – that are nearer to Houston.

When applying for your Nigerian passport renewal in the U.S, you can choose one of the consulates/embassy as your preferred passport office and book an appointment date with any of these.

You are to carry along all your documents for review during your appointment day – and for your biometric data to be captured. Now, your passport should be renewed and delivered for you within the next 72 hours time.

How To Renew Your Passport In Atlanta, US

If you are looking for the best and widely place as for the blacks, then Atlanta can be considered as the only location, alongside Chicago – having more population of blacks.

From Nigerian celebrities, personalities and others, they prefer to go on vacation in this city in the United States.

Atlanta is found in Georgia, and is one of the most popular cities in United States having Nigerian consulate.

Applicants who wish to renew his or her Nigerian passport has to visit the Nigerian Immigration Service portal, select any Nigerian Consulate in Atlanta as their preferred passport office. Appointment can be also booked as well in the same consulate.

How To Renew Your Nigerian Passport In Edmonton, Alberta & All of Canada

With Canada, Edmonton is one of the prominent cities – having sizable population of Nigerian citizens living there. Since there is no Nigerian embassy or Consulate in Edmonton, the best way to renew your Nigerian passport in Canada is to visit Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa.

You can also login to the Nigerian Immigration Service portal and complete the application for your passport renewal. Choose High commission in Ottawa when renewing your passport from the NIS portal and book an appointment.

Now, let us take a look at the prices for your Nigerian passport renewal in Canada.

Nigerian Passport Renewal Price in Canada

The Nigerian passport renewal fee is the same as the ones in other countries. The 64-page passport booklet has the basic renewal fee of $125 and the 32-page with the prices below.

0 to 17$65$125
18 to 60 years$94$125
60 years and above$65$125

How to download Nigerian Passport Application Form PDF 2021

The certified platforms for applying and renewing your Nigerian passport is via the assigned online portal.

Be careful to avoid any FAKE or scam involved in apply for a passport or your Nigerian passport renewal.

You can visit the Nigerian Immiration Service portal ( if you wish to apply for a passport of download the Nigerian passport PDF form.

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