How To Keep Your MTN Number For Long With MTN Number Reservation

How To Keep Your MTN Number For Long With MTN Number Reservation.

Here’s How To Keep Your MTN Number For As Long As You Want With The MTN Number Reservation.

Are you concerned about losing that ‘special’ MTN number? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered with our Number Reservation service.

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With this post, it has a well-explained guide to follow in educating you on how you can reserve your MTN phone number till when you want.

MTN Number Reservation gives you an opportunity to reserve your existing number for as long as 24 months (at a cost) even when you are inactive on the network.

Who qualifies?

All prepaid subscribers with an existing MTN number.

How to reserve a number

Dial *1390# (short code is free).
Select option 1 to reserve your own number.
Select option 2 to reserve for someone.

Reserving your own number

  • Enter your MTN phone number.
  • Confirm the number.
  • Provide an alternate number (on net or off net) or email address.
  • Confirm the alternate number or email.
  • Select a reservation period (12months or 24months).

Reserving someone’s number on their behalf.

  • Enter the person’s MTN number.
  • Repeat process from points 2 – 5 above.
  • An SMS will be sent to the owner of the line to confirm their consent before processing request.
  • Request will only be successful when owner of number confirms request.

Checking expiry date for a number that has already been reserved

  • Dial the code, *1390#.
  • Select option 3 after dialing the code.
  • You will see your number reservation expiry date.

Charges per reservation period

  • 12 months – GH¢15
  • 24 months – GH¢25

Note: With the MTN Number Reservation, it comes with charges and such is why you need to have sufficient balance to enable you subscribe to the service.

Isn’t this the convenient way to keep your MTN phone number reserved as long as you want?

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In summary, this is all you may need to know today regarding How To Keep Your MTN Number For Long With MTN Number Reservation.

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  1. After reserving my mtn number, the network stopped working and therefore unable to receive calls or txt message. What do I do to make it work since I am not currently in Ghana?


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