The Use Of Drones In Agriculture

By | February 12, 2020

The Use Of Drones In Agriculture.

The use of technology to improve in farming started not today but has been in existence for over some year now but the use of drone technology has become technology that has been helping farmers as if it was there for so many years though and has been helping in the increase of some farming activities by eliminating manual works by human.

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With this, while drone technology usage in agriculture is still new and sometimes experimental, there are certain numbers of interesting uses that have been notified over the past 3 years and they are being used to certain extent already in the Global North. Drone has really helped in agriculture and we can use some cases to confirm such as; soil and field analysis, crop and irrigation monitoring, plant health assessment as well as planting and crop spraying (read more in PVC’s 2016 report on drone use) were all the manual works drone has been helping to accomplish the easier and simple way.

For the Global South, it is important to bring use cases that are adapted to the agriculture needs or requirements and match the value chains and the value propositions specific to each area and country. With an example, the African Union published a decision in February 2018, requesting the AU and Member States to harness drones for agriculture as one of three emerging technologies of relevance for African development. While this decision opens up many opportunities, it is important for solutions to take into account the local needs, context and value chains also.

To the EcoRobotics program, the aim behind was to;

  • Collaborate with some of the existing NGOs, then research institutes, and local stakeholders in developing countries and industry on research projects to locate new use cases.
  • Initiate and manage pilot projects to create use cases for drone technologies in agriculture in the Global South.
  • Arrange specific trainings for the use of drones in agriculture.
  • Find solutions that fit local value chains and submit solutions fitting the specific needs of developing countries.

This now brought us to the end of the post and hope you find this post useful on the brief you need to know about drone technologies in agriculture and hope to bring you more updates on drone in farming and how it has been helping farmers.

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