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Microsoft Certification – Overview and Study Methods 2022

Like all professional technical qualifications, the Microsoft range of certificates is always expanding and being updated to ensure that knowledge of the latest operating systems is required in order to obtain them. These certifications are considered professional and equivalent to degree-level, meaning that the same level of study and effort should be put into them… Read More »

Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft Board

Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft Board. The Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates has been reported to be leaving Microsoft’s board as the company announced this on Friday, March 13, 2020. In summary, Bill Gates, among one of the Microsoft’s top shareholders — owning 1.36% of shares according to FactSet is leaving Microsoft board. Despite leaving Microsoft as… Read More »

Huawei Ban: The Global Fallout Explained

The global fallout now explained concerning Huawei’s ban and new  companies are adhering to the ban on Huawei by US – ICT Catalogue reports from TechRadar The latest Huawei ban news sees the embattled Chinese electronic giant losing relationships with more essential component suppliers, as well as key retailers refusing to stock its phones. This… Read More »

Microsoft does not care about passing a market cap of $1 trillion – says Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer

Microsoft is now a $1 trillion company – Strong earnings push Microsoft toward a new milestone. Even though the $1 trillion valuation is something that investors pay close attention to, it’s not something that the tech giant Microsoft cares about. “This is a metric that nobody on the senior leadership team is tracking,” said Chris… Read More »