Windows 7 To Stop Receiving Updates

Windows 7 To Stop Receiving Updates.

Recently was when the breaking news revealed that there is no more updates for Windows 7 starting from January 14, 2020 and here’s all that you may need to know about this.

For most people using Windows 7 operating system will stop receiving any update from Microsoft hence, starting from Tuesday, January 24, 2020 to confirm.

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This core update from Microsoft is going to put your files and folders on your computer into a risk in such that, there will be no more updates for your system as files may not receive up-to date features.

Windows 7 To Stop Receiving UpdatesJust imagine in a situation like this, what are you suppose to do in other to stay safe then?

The answer is just simple but useful in such that, you just need to upgrade your Windows OS to be receiving core updates from Microsoft.

Microsoft allows users to upgrade their system to the newer versions and with those of you running or still operating under Windows 7, Microsoft cares about you in such that, it’s very simple as you can upgrade to the Windows 10 right from Microsoft’s official website.

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What To Do?

The best option is to upgrade from your Windows 7 OS to Windows 10.

Regarding more information on how to upgrade your Windows 7 to the Windows 10 version, don’t hesitate to visit this link to upgrade to Windows 10.

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In summary, Windows 7 To Stop Receiving Updates in 14 January and it’ll be better to upgrade to Windows 10 quickly to avoid the big risk in loosing your files.

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