How To Subscribe To AirtelTigo Data Bundles

By | March 8, 2021

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In our today’s article, we shall take a look into AirtelTigo Ghana data plans and packages, prices and how to subscribe to offers.

After the two mobile networks emerged to operate on one bigger platform in provision of quality network service to average Ghanaian mobile users, the company has improved much in internet services, mobile money services and much more.

Airtel Ghana can be considered as the first mobile network that rolled out data bundle packages with no expiry in Ghana. You enjoy browsing the internet till it finishes.

The only mobile network that gives cheaper internet bundle packages as well – to Ghanaians. You should not worry about how much you are having for internet bundle. You can get an affordable bundle that can sustain you for all your social media chats, research and watching YouTube videos.

  • AirtelTigo Fuse Bundles
  • Big time data bundles
  • Sika Kooko
  • Night Bundles
  • Family Pack

How To Subscribe To The Data Bundle Packages

This is the full guide on how to subscribe to the AirtelTigo data bundles with their correspondence shortcodes.

AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle Packs

The Fuse bundle gives all AirtelTigo Ghana prepaid subscribers with voice and data bundles – that is non expiry.

Data Packages and Prices

Data VolumeVoice MinutesPrice (GHS)

How To Subscribe To AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle

  • Dial *567# , *111# or *533# on your mobile
  • Choose a bundle pack
  • Confirm your preferred option
  • Proceed to purchasing your Fuse bundle pack

AirtelTigo Ghana gives you three (3) options for you to buy your AirtelTigo Fuse bundle. It can be from your airtime balance, scratch card or from your AirtelTigo Money wallet.

How To Check AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle

AirtelTigo Ghana allows you to check – for how much data bundle pack remaining in your account. You can simply dial *504# and check your AirtelTigo Fuse bundle balance.

Big Time Bundles

If you are looking for the best internet bundle from AirtelTigo – for streaming videos, downloads and more, then AirtelTigo Big Time data bundles are what you need today.

Big Time Bundle Packages

These are the Big Time Bundle Packages for you below.

Price (GHS)Airtime Account (MB)AirtelTigo Money (MB)
0.50p25MB + 25MB night 
165MB + 65MB night data70MB + 70MB night data
2155MB + 155MB night data170MB + 170 MB night data
5625MB + 625MB night data650MB + 650 MB night data
101.6GB + 1.6GB night data1,800MB + 1,800 MB night data
204.3GB + 4.3GB night data4,700MB + 4,700 MB night data
5010.4GB + 10.4GB night data11,000MB + 11,000 MB night data

How To Subscribe to AirtelTigo Big Time Bundles

  • Dial *111# on your mobile phone
  • Select option 1
  • Choose subscribe

AirtelTigo Family Pack Data Bundles

Streams and downloads are the particular reasons why we always look for cheaper internet bundles. AirtelTigo assures you of an affordable data bundle packs from their Family Pack Bundles.

Check here for AirtelTigo Family Pack Bundle prices, plans and offers.

Amount (GHS)Data Volume (GB)Duration
992530 days
2005530 days
35017530 days

How To Subscribe To AirtelTigo Family Pack Bundle

If you are in Ghana and you want to subscribe to AirtelTigo Family Pack bundle, then kindly follow the steps and guides below.

  • Dial 111 on your mobile phone
  • Select Family Packs and follow the prompt

AirtelTigo Sika Kooko Bundle

There is no Ghanaian internet lover who hasn’t heard of the AirtelTigo Sika Kooko before. The data package that lets you pay less but enjoy longer duration when surfing the web.

Sika Kooko has become one of the most used data bundle on AirtelTigo in Ghana.

Sika Kooko gives you more data bundle at low prices that are valid for up to 5 days. You have the peace of mind for watching movies and streaming of music videos on YouTube and other streaming networks.

Amount (GHS)Data Volume (GB)Duration
31GB1 day
62GB2 days
103GB5 days
114.5GB2 days
155.5GB4 days
207GB5 days

How to subscribe to AirtelTigo Sika Kooko Bundle

  • Dial *111*4# on your mobile phone
  • Choose option 1
  • Pay with airtime account or AirtelTigo Money wallet

AirtelTigo Night Bundle

AirtelTigo Night Bundle gives you the unlimited internet browsing and AirtelTigo calls from 12am to 4am each night.

AirtelTigo Night Bundle Packages

Amount (GHS)Volume (GB)Validity
34.512 am – 4 am
57.512 am – 4 am

How To Subscribe to AirtelTigo Night Bundle Packages

  • Dial 533
  • Select option 3
  • Choose option 1 – Night Bundle
  • Confirm the pack

Upon subscription to AirtelTigo Night bundle, a user can start using the offer between 12 am and 4 am each night. You are free to purchase the data bundle anytime of the day — but can only be available for use from 12 am to 4 am each night.

Shortcode for AirtelTigo Bundle

Generally, AirtelTigo Data bundle shortcode is *111*4# – that is used for most data bundle package subscriptions in Ghana.

Frequently Asked Questions Abut AirtelTigo Data Bundles

how to bundle on airteltigo

If you are looking for how to bundle on AirtelTigo, then we have given you all the steps above — to choose any bundle package you want.

airteltigo sika kooko bundle code

The AIrtelTigo Sika Kooko bundle shortcode is *111*4#

AirtelTigo call bundles

AirtelTigo has a lot of internet bundles you can choose from. Kindly check the information above for more.

AirtelTigo 4G

The network comprises a merging of radio access networks, providing 2G GSM services over the 900 and 1800 MHz bands, and 3G UMTS over B1 (2100 MHz) with DC-HSPA+ data. No 4G LTE services have been launched.

how to transfer airteltigo data bundle

BigTime Data bundles can be purchased by dialing *111# and following the prompts. BigTime Data bundles can be gifted to friends. Customers have the option to purchase these data bundles via their main airtime account or AirtelTigo Money account. To transfer credit to someone. 1235#, To request credit from friends or family.

airteltigo unlimited data bundle

To subscribe to TiGo FreeBonto, dial *555*1#. To subscribe to TiGo unlimited monthly internet bundles’ whose value is 22.99, just text ‘month’ to 2060. For the unlimited weekly plan for your phone valued at 5.99 cedis, text ‘week’ to 2060.

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