How To Stake Lotto On Your Mobile Phone Using Mobile Money In Ghana

By | July 5, 2023

For anything about how to play lotto on Your Mobile phone using Mobile money in Ghana using the NLA short code, then this is the right content for you today.

Ghana has advanced in the digital space within some shortest time, after setting the digital agenda for the nation that needs to be met. Things are gradually moving digital in Ghana and hence, you can sit from the comfort of your room and stake lotto by using your mobile phone. Gone are the days one needs to visit any nearest Lotto agent or vendor to stake lotto — of which technology advancement has eradicated such traditional method.

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, this has made doing so many things have changed dynamically. For now, you can stake a lotto and pay with either MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Money, Zeepay Mobile Money, GCB G-Money and more.

In today’s article guide, I would like to show you How To Stake Lotto On Your Mobile Phone Using Mobile Money In Ghana.

NLA Introduced Lotto With MTN Mobile Money As Alternative For Bank To Bank recently in Ghana.

According to Ghana National Lottery Authority, various lotto lovers can stake lotto at homes or offices with the use of the NLA short code on their mobile phones today. This change happened after National Lottery Authority (NLA) made collaboration with various mobile money services in Ghana.

About NLA in Ghana

The NLA was originally established as the Department of National Lotteries in 1958 with a Mandate to organize raffles for the public to have fun and win prizes. In 1960, the Lotto and Betting Act 94 was passed into law to start lottery in Ghana with the aim of raising revenue to support the development of the country.

Over the past fifty years, the NLA has evolved from its earlier incarnation as a Civil Service Institution known as the Department of National Lotteries (DNL); it has been transformed into an autonomous Public Service Institution, with a legal monopoly on the organization of lotteries in Ghana, and one which is of the most important contributors to both Government revenues and employment generation.

Hence, in 2006, the passing of an Act of parliament, the National Lotto Act 722 gave birth to National Lottery Authority.

What Is The NLA Short Code?

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, as you can stake lotto anywhere you are with the help of your mobile phone. Either you play the normal 5/90 mobile games or Banker to Banker with the unique short USSD code activated by the National Lottery Authority.

The NLA short code is *959#. The mobile shortcode used to stake lotto in Ghana anywhere you are on your mobile phone.

With the NLA shortcode, you can play only 5/90 which means you will be choosing five numbers out of ninety (90).

How Do You Pay To Stake Your Lotto?

After dialing the NLA shortcode to stake for your predicting number, NLA will charge for the lotto and this money will be deducted from your mobile money wallet.

From your mobile phone, you can stake lotto with either MTN mobile money, Vodafone Cash, AirtelTigo Cash.
Take a look at how to stake lotto using your mobile phone below as I take you through some simple steps.

Lotto Names According to Days in Ghana

  • Lotto on Sundays are called Sunday Special
  • Lotto on Mondays are called Monday Special
  • Lotto On Tuesdays are called Lucky Tuesday
  • Lotto on Wednesdays are called Mid-Week
  • Lotto on Thursdays are called Fortune Thursday
  • Lotto on Fridays are called Friday Bonanza
  • Lotto on Saturdays are called National

How To Stake Lotto Using Your Mobile Phone.

  1. Dial *959# on your mobile phone
  2. Select option 1 (current game)
  3. Select the type of lotto you want to stake: Either Direct, 2 Sure, 3 Direct, 4 Direct, 5 Direct, Perm 2, Perm 3, and Banker.
  4. Enter the number (s) you are predicting and make sure to separate them with space.
  5. Enter the amount you want to stake. (eg. GHS 1.00GHS 100.00)
  6. Enter 1 to confirm your lotto
  7. You are done, as you will receive a mobile money prompt to confirm and approve the payment.

How To Get Paid By NLA After Winning

In terms of how to get paid after staking lotto on your mobile phone, NLA has programmed its system in such that, winners will be paid directly into their mobile money wallets the moment you have won.

Other NLA shortcode USSD in Ghana

Despite the short code *959# for staking lotto in Ghana, there’s another NLA short code for lotto lovers. This code is *890#.

Another NLA shortcode to mention here is the *987#.

Uses Of The NLA Mobile Short Code

The USSD code from NLA for staking lotto has so many purposes it can be used for. These are;

  •  To stake lotto on your mobile phone
  • To check for NLA lotto results.
  • To stake the Friday Bonanza, National Weekly Lotto, Sunday Special, Monday Special, Lucky Tuesday, Mid-Week and Fortune Thursday.
  • To read the terms and condition of the code

How to check NLA lotto results With Mobile Phone in Ghana.

The National Lottery Authority has made it simple for people who stake lotto in Ghana to check for their winning lotto results today, be it today national lotto result, Ghana lotto results today, and the rest via mobile phone.

To check your lotto result for today, then kindly dial the short code — *959# and follow the procedure to check your winning lotto results today on your mobile phone.

I believe you are looking for the simple method on how to play lotto in Ghana using the NLA shortcode, then here I come with the right post for you to play or stake lotto with your mobile phone and pay with Mobile money.

Though there’s no much content about NLA Ghana Lotto Results For Today, NLA App, NLA Prediction, NLA Monday Special Results, NLA USSD Code, NLA Lucky Tuesday Results — but we hope to bring you more update on that soon.

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NLA Contact in Ghana

Also, you can visit the NLA Ghana page here in case there are some queries you would like to put out to them.

If you have any problem, you can contact 590Mobile on these numbers or visit any NLA offices across Ghana.

This is one of the simple ways you can stake lotto with mobile phone using mobile money in Ghana and get paid directly into your mobile money account instantly after winning in Ghana. There is the lotto short code for you, and contact details of NLA in case of any clarification.

Staking lotto on your mobile phone using your mobile money account today has come due to the application of technology and changes from NLA Ghana — as we urge you to help as share this post across the various social media pages.

lotto code for MTN.

The lotto code for MTN Ghana is *959#. This code can be used to stake lotto and also check for lotto results.

How Stake Lotto Using Ecobank account Ghana

The only way to stake lotto using your Ecobank account is to withdraw money from your Ecobank account into your mobile money wallet and use it to stake lotto at NLA Ghana official portal or shortcode.

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