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By | September 8, 2022

The SIM Card registration in Ghana has been one of the headache issues for numerous Ghanaians who are yet to register or replace their Ghana Cards due to delay in issuance of the ECOWAS Card by National Identification Authority (NIA). On ICT Catalogue as a tech blog in Ghana, many people have been asking us so many things regarding the SIM Card registration and its frequently asked questions.

Here is the latest SIM registration update you must know. A lot has happened recently about the SIM re-registration exercise that you need to know.

In this article, I will try my best to cover everything concerning SIM registration.

1. What happened?
2. What is happening?
3. What will happen?

These are some very important questions about the SIM re-registration exercise that I think you are eager to know. Of course, I have all the answers you seek.

SIM registration update – What happened?

If you have been following ICT Catalogue, you will notice that we reported When that SIM Card registration was commencing on October 1, 2021.

The registration was scheduled for only three months which was a very short period to register millions of SIM card users in Ghana.

The early months of the registration exercises did not go as expected so the National Communications Authority (NCA) extended the registration date further into 2022 which is supposed to end in April.

In March, only a few customers were able to register their SIM cards. The NCA again extended the SIM registration deadline to July 2022. Again, there were still more customers to register so the NCA extended further to September 30, 2022.

Amidst the extension, the NCA promised to provide a self-service SIM re-registration app. However, we have not seen or heard of the existence of such an app yet.

While some people are registering their SIM cards, most people are complaining about not having a Ghana card which is the only card for SIM card registration.

What is happening?

The SIM card registration is still ongoing but there are so many things happening that are making most of the customers frustrated. The frustrations are being excerted the National Communications Authority (NCA), National Identification Authority (NIA), and telcos in Ghana.

SIM Registration update | Why customers are angry at NCA

The main reason why most customers are angry at the National Communications authority (NCA) is because the NCA is the super power in this whole SIM registration exercise.

While it might not seem like a problem to just ask citizen to register their SIM cards with their valid ID card, most of the citizens think the exercise is to strict. Giving citizens no options but just a single medium to register their SIM will definitely frustrate many.

Apart from that, the NCA is also pressuring for quick closure of the registration exercise without necessarily providing the needed systems for customers to register without stress.

The inconsistency of the NCA that has led to postponing deadlines till date also frustrates many.

Why customers are angry at NIA

The National Identification Authority (NIA) seems to be at the hotter side of the fire throughout this whole SIM registration update. Why is it so?

1. Most people claim not having Ghana card

Even though it is less than a month for the registration exercise to be over, most people claim they still don’t have their Ghana card.

Some are expressing their displeasure over the fact that NIA claims there are no cards available to print for those who registered their cards.

In a post by @hitz1039fm on twitter, we gathered some of the citizens expressing their displeasure in the comments section. Check some of the comments in the screenshot below.

Sim registration update twitter comment (1)
Sim registration update twitter comment1 (1)
Sim registration update twitter comment2 (1)

2. Some people are alleging being charge GHS 250 before registration

This is one of the allegations so far from this SIM registration exercise. According to a comment made by twitter handle @booorbis is insinuating that NIA is collecting GHS 250 before issuing a card. Check a screenshot of his comment below.

SIM registration update (1)

3. The inability for synching their database with telcos

Through out this whole SIM registration update, one major thing that most of the customers complain about is the fact that you have to queue at the NIA office for your biodata to be taken. Then you go back to the telcos and you have to queue again for them to collect the same data that NIA has already taken.

This has seen many people lamenting over why NIA can not synch their data with telcos to make the registration process faster.

Why customers are angry at telcos

Majority of the customers are angry at the telcos for a number of reasons. The major reason being why they have to take biodata for all the SIMs they have registered with a particular telco.

Usually, it will be very understandable to take one biodata for one particular telco. However, this is not the case.

With this new registration, you have to take biodata per the number of SIM cards you have registered with a particular telco. For instance, If you have three SIM cards with MTN Ghana, you will have to take your biodata three times for MTN Ghana.

This is making most people believe that this method is an archaic data collection practice. We are in a digital age, where data is synched so within one company, they should be able to synch your data to make it easier for you to register another SIM with the same telco without taking another biodata.

What will happen after the SIM registration exercise?

A lot will happen after the SIM registration exercise.

All the telcos in Ghana recently sent updates to customers to inform them of what will happen to their SIM if not registered by 5th September, 2022.

According the telcos, NCA has ordered them to start barring outgoing calls and data services from 5th September 2022 48 hours every week. Check the messages for telcos in the images below.

When Is The SIM Registration Deadline In Ghana?

According to the National Communication Authority (NCA), the SIM card re-registration exercise will end on September 30, 2022. All Ghanaians are entreated to register for their SIM Card with their Ghana Card at any telco customer care or SIM re-registration exercise center.

This is what is actually happening which means calls and data services might get completely barred after the September 30 deadline. Not only will this affect the quality of life but business too.

Have you registered your SIM?

If you are yet to register for your SIM Card, you should proceed to do so — before the due date. Starting from September 5, telcos in Ghana will starting deactivating some phone numbers as they wont be able to make outgoing phone calls. This shows a warning and a sign that the Ministry of Communication together with National Communication Authority (NCA) will block all unregistered SIM cards in Ghana.

What do you think about this whole registration exercise?

From ICT Catalogue, we are here to ask for your opinion on what you think about the SIM Card registration exercise.

We seek for your opinion, suggestion or comment under our comment box for an open discussion at ICT Catalogue.

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