How to Take Screenshot on iPad

By | September 7, 2022

A screenshot may be a fun method to share anything on your computer or to capture an image you saw online or a copy of an email. There are times when you just want to record the precise moment on your iPad display as quickly and efficiently as you can, whether it’s an important message, an item on a shopping website, a critical moment in a game, or something else.

The procedure for taking an iPad screenshot differs between models with and without a Home button, in addition to all the other modifications that the contemporary models bring.

There is now a useful shortcut to iPad screenshots without having to reach for your tablet’s buttons since more models now support the Apple Pencil.

In this write-up, we will walk you through how to take screenshot on iPad. Follow these easy steps to capture any screenshot off of your iPad.

How to take a Screenshot on an iPad without a Home Button

Below are the steps on how to take a screenshot on iPad models without a Home button.

  • Press a volume button and the Top button simultaneously.
  • To edit and annotate a screenshot, tap its preview in the bottom left corner. You can also share it right away by long-pressing the image.
  • In the Photos app, you can locate your screenshot.

You can also use the Apple Pencil screenshot shortcut:

  • Orient your Apple Pencil so that it is in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Upwardly swipe a few inches on a diagonal
  • Take the screenshot by letting go.

How to take a Screenshot on an iPad with a Home Button

  • Together, press the Home button and the Top button (formerly known as the sleep/wake button).
  • For rapid sharing choices, long-press on the snapshot preview after tapping it to make adjustments and annotations.
  • In the Photos app, you can locate your screenshot.

Press the preview in the bottom left corner, then tap Done in the top left corner, then select Erase Screenshot if you mistakenly capture a screenshot or would like to delete one right away.

How can I take screenshot on iPad without Button Combinations?

Use AssistiveTouch, one of the most convenient Accessibility features on any mobile Apple device, if pushing multiple buttons simultaneously feels a bit uncomfortable.

Tap the button at the top of the screen to activate it after opening Settings and going to General > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch. Once you’ve done that, a tiny virtual button will show up on the screen and stay there for the duration of all open programs. To achieve the same outcome, you may alternatively utilize Siri and command it to “switch on AssistiveTouch.”

You may take a screenshot with the default settings by clicking the button and then going to Device > More > Screenshot.

To make things even easier, you may assign one of the Custom Actions (Single-Tap, Double-Tap, or Long Press) to capture a screenshot by browsing to the corresponding menu from the AssistiveTouch settings page. In both circumstances, you’ll see the same screen flash as if you’d done it the old-fashioned manner, and your new screenshot will be waiting for you in your picture library.

How to take a scrolling screenshot on your iPad

Follow the steps below to take scrolling screenshot

  • Take a standard iPad screenshot first. Quickly press the side button and the volume up button if your device has Face ID. It’s the side/top button plus the home button for Touch ID.
  • In the lower left corner, tap the snapshot preview. You have to move fairly quickly because it only appears for about five seconds.
  • After that, select Full Page. A preview of the entire scrolling screenshot is displayed beneath Full Page, along with a larger preview in the center. In case the scrolling screenshot is too long, you also have tools to crop it.
  • Click Done after you’re done altering the scrolling screenshot. Two options will be presented to you: one to preserve the scrolling screenshot and the other to remove it.
  • In order to save the scrolling screenshot, hit Save PDF to Files.

You must pick a folder to save the scrolling screenshot in. The Downloads folder or the most recent folder you saved something to will be used by default in the Files app.

How to view scrolling screenshots on your iPad

The native Files app receives all converted scrolling screenshots as PDF files. Open the Files app, navigate to the folder where your snapshot was saved, then press the image to watch it scrolling.

You may change the file’s name, add drawings, give comments, and more here. The scrolling screenshot may also be shared, but the recipient needs Files or another PDF viewer to view it.

How to view and edit screenshots

After taking a screenshot, you may immediately examine and edit it. The bottom left corner of your screen will immediately show a miniature representation of your screenshot.

  • Find your screenshot on your screen and tap it in the lower left corner.
  • Editor will launch right away.
  • Edit the image.
  • From this screen, you may also share or remove your snapshot.

Unless you choose to remove them right away, your screenshots will also be automatically preserved in your Photos app and your screenshots album.

  • Activate the Photos app.
  • The final image captured will be the one you took.
  • Or you may use your Screenshots album to retrieve all of your screenshots.
  • To view, like, modify, or share a screenshot, choose your choice.
  • In applications like Messages or Mail, you can also hit the camera icon or use the edit menu to add your screenshot to messages, emails, and other types of correspondence.

How to create a screen recording on iPad

  • Tap the Insert Screen Recording button next to Screen Recording after going to Settings > Control Center.
  • Launch Control Center, select the Screen Recording option, and then watch the three seconds pass.
  • Open Control Center, press the red status bar at the top of the screen or the Selected Screen Recording button, then hit Stop to end the recording.
  • Click Photos, then choose the screen capture you want to use.


The procedure for taking an iPad screenshot differs between models with and without a Home button, in addition to all the other modifications that the contemporary models bring. We have provided some useful steps to follow on how to take screenshot on iPad.

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