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By | December 31, 2021

There are a lot of tech blogs that are contributing to the tech growth in Ghana.

ICT Catalogue can be seen with much contribution to the tech scene in Ghana — covering everything latest in Technology news, IT schools in Ghana, IT Scholarships, Online applications and more with contribution from hard working individuals.

Just like the year 2020 with Tech in Ghana, the country has seen much improvement in Tech in Ghana for the year 2021 and this has made it a great year despite the effect of global pandemic coronavirus outbreak — affecting living and businesses.

Techies and non-techies in Ghana have contributed much more to the growth of tech in Ghana, with dedication towards their internet activities to embrace more to their tech careers in Ghana.

Ghanaians can now sit from the comfort of their rooms and renew their health insurance with the Mobile Money wallets, renew their Ghana Card with MoMo, link their Ghana Card to SSNIT Card successfully.

In today’s article guide from ICT Catalogue, we would like to update you on some of the notable things that happened in Ghana’s tech space in for the year 2021.

Smartphones & Electronics In Ghana 2021

Under smartphones as electronic consumer products, many mobile phone companies launches their series of phones unto the Ghanaian market. TECNO has grown to become one of the top mobile phone brands in Africa, and brought interesting smartphones like; Tecno Camon 17, Tecno Spark 8, Tecno Phantom X with its launch and Stonebwoy Unveils together with other popular celebrities

FinTech, eCommerce & Tech Startups In Ghana

Digital payments have paved the way for a lot of progress and development in Ghana, and mobile money services are the dominant fintech business in Ghana. FinTech is driving the growth of E-Commerce in Ghana, and much thanks to the Ministries in charge of Communication, Science And Technology.

Under Fintech & Mobile Money In Ghana, there has been an increase in Mobile Money charges, under the e-Levy policy set by the Government of Ghana.

Jumia as Africa’s leading ecommerce ecosystem looks at ways in which fintech is driving the growth of ecommerce in Ghana.

As part of using technology for entertainment, Spotify expands into Africa countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and many African countries.

Telecommunication Companies in Ghana

Vodafone Ghana promised to connect Oswald School’s ICT Lab to Vodafone Fixed Broadband For Free — after the boy wrote the things to bring on “Our Day” during vacation day.

MTN Ghana brought new MTN network codes that is the 059 (7-9) and o25 (6-7). For international calls, customers will have to dial the country code, the relevant prefix and customer’s unique number eg. +233 25 7000000.

The Role Of Government In Tech In Ghana

On the 11th June 2021, it was reported that — the Gov’t of Ghana to cooperate with Huawei to train 10,000 citizens. With this, the Government of Ghana will co-operate with the Global leading ICT Company, Huawei Technologies to provide various training programmes, particularly in ICT skills to over 10,000 Ghanaians, including government officials and civil servants, students and professionals by the year 2024 — to boost the country’s ICT talent pool, whilst facilitating the digital transformation agenda of the government.

More Women Benefit from Huawei FinTech Workshop, as reported by TechVoiceAfrica.com

The Ministry of Communication and Digitalization under the Government of Ghana reported the commencement of SIM Card registration from October 1 to December 31, 2021 — that existing mobile network subscribers are to present their Ghana Cards to enable them register their SIM cards.

Toyota and Suzuki vehicle assembly plant was launched in Ghana on the June 30, 2021 — that was commissioned by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo — to boost auto sector and attract automakers with generous fiscal incentives to assemble and produce cars in the country.

Hubtel launches myGhQR.com App to help transform the payment landscape and position Ghana among the top cashless economies in the world.

Also, average Ghanaians who are SSNIT contributors can now merge their SSNIT to Ghana Cards with their mobile phones. Check out a full guide about how to merge your SSNIT to Ghana Card using mobile phone easily.

Tech Awards, Celebrations & Recognitions

The Tech advancement in Ghana has awards for personalities that performed well in their field, celebrations and recognitions from many awarding schemes.

Tonaton celebrated its 8 years of online marketplace presence in Ghana, as a Ghanaian classified website company. With the household Tonaton, which means “buy and sell” in the Ghanaian Twi (Akan) language, the classified website has improved to become one of the most visited classified websites in Ghana.

Mfidie as a tech blog in Ghana launched its 4th year anniversary, with the aim to become one of the biggest tech blog in Africa.

On the July 1, 2021 — PC Boss Online as a technology blog from Ghana celebrated its 4th Year Anniversay.

Technology Improvement In 2021

Ghanaians will be enjoying national roaming service soon. Ursula Owusu Ekuful, the Communication and Digitalisation reported that Ghana to start national roaming service on a Facebook post made on her page, on the 30th April, 2021. With this, there is no need to won several SIM Cards from different network providers.

Ghana has improved much in technology in such that, many Ghanaians can now logged on to an search engine or web portal — to seek for information and solutions. With this, the internet recorded some of the top 10 websites visited in Ghana.

Google became the first most visited website by Ghanaians, while other website on the second list proves that many people in Ghana love betting, since Betway.com.gh becomes the second most visited website in Ghana. Many Ghanaians love video contents and steaming, that is why YouTube became the most visited website on the list as the 3rd most visited website in Ghana.

Using Technology To Deliver News In Ghana

With this, the year 2021 has improved to show that, Technology is the future of the world — and you can do anything with the internet right from your home.

There has been many E-learning platforms launched in Ghana — to eradicate poverty mentality in many people that education is expensive, remote working, E-commerce and courier services, Facebook Live Church Services, Fact-Checks Websites, Online blogs and news portals in Ghana brought the importance of technology.

Many news provision and informational websites like Ghana Web, MyJoyOnline, PeaceFMOnline, Mordern Ghana, Ghana Insider and other blogs such as Ameyaw Debrah, GH Gossip, Brown GH Ghana Celebrities, GH Base, GH Links, Xorlali, Asetena, Info Guide Ghana, Youths4Success, AlabiGH, Tap News GH, and many websites have contributed delivering information to the average internet users in Ghana — to help Ghanaians stay home and keep updated.

Others to mention are

Tech Blogs In Ghana

Tech niche in Ghana is a standalone and much thanks to the many reporters we had so far as Tech bloggers in Ghana. In taking advantage of emerging tech innovations in Ghana, many tech blogs are created each and everyday to provide Ghanaians with the tech diaspora.

Some tech blogs in Ghana to mention are; JB Klutse, Mfidie, PC Boss Online, Tech By Sparks, Gharage.com, TechNovaGH.com, TechVoiceAfrica.com, Fifty7tech.com, GustavTK.com, GhanaTechblog.com, EmmarniTechs.com etc.

Global Tech Updates

In Nigeria, Twitter has been suspended after the company deleted President Buhari’s Tweet.

Early this year, February 3, 2021, we heard the global news that the CEO of Amazon — Jeff Bezos steps down as the CEO. He will step down as CEO during the third quarter, a surprise announcement after a blockbuster year in which Amazon’s stock soared 67% thanks to massive shifts in the retail landscape during the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook changed its name to Meta. Facebook rebrands to “create visual distinction” between company and social app. By adopting a new name, Facebook may be trying to claim that it is developing innovative technologies that bring people together in new and exciting ways. The Greek word meaning for Meta is “beyond” and their plan to create a next-gen “metaverse’ internet.

Facebook said it intends to start trading its shares under the new stock ticker of MVRS on December 1, 2021.

Metaverse means a virtual-reality space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

Either way, it was hard to ignore, and NFT made it into Collins dictionary of new words for 2021 – along with Metaverse.

The Bad News In Tech For 2021

Facebook and Instagram went down, after the social media platforms suffered from their major outages. It’s been a rough week for Facebook, and it seems that Friday afternoon had no mercy for the tech giant.

Users are reporting that Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp went down again following a major outage this week.

An update to Facebook’s routers that coordinate network traffic went wrong on Monday, sending a wave of disruption and effectively shutting down Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. An update to Facebook’s routers that coordinate network traffic went wrong, sending a wave of disruptions rippling through its systems.

Under the biggest tech fails of 2021, Facebook and LinkedIn experience massive data leaks, including phone numbers, birthdays and email addresses that was posted to website used by hackers.

You can read more technology fails of the year 2021 from CNN official website.

After all, tech content creators as well as bloggers and YouTubers played major roles in taking Ghana to advanced level in technology space.

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