Top 10 Most Visited Websites By Ghanaians

By | June 14, 2023

Digital marketers ranging from Content Curators, bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketers, Web Developers and other internet business operators always find out where and which platforms users are always active on.

Before a digital marketer will be able to find out all these, he or she needs to understand the concept of keyword research and user segmentation geographically. For instance, if you are a digital marketer in Ghana and want to promote a product like E-book or Software for Ghanaians, one best platform to check and visit is GhanaWeb — since it has more users visiting the platform each and everyday for latest entertainment and news online.

With that, there are Search Engine Optimisation tools and software to help know the particular website users are visiting globally and a particular geo-location — and the number of users and their preferences.

Some few to mention tools are these selected SEO and digital marketing tools: Ahrefs, SEMRush, KW Finder,, Google Keyword Planner and more — that help you figure the total pageviews from a website, its rich keywords and geographical location.

In our today’s post, I would like to give you the much information you need to know about the most visited website in Ghana.

These are the interesting top 10 most visited websites in Ghana — with breakdown in millions over the internet.

Google as a domain has dominated as the most visited website having a total of 42.6 million visitors with over 3.70 million unique visitors from 22M 19S time per visit from 6.67 pages per visit.

Betway has become the most visited website after — with over 10.2M total visits from 1.23M unique visits coming from 35M 39S from 9.37 pages per visit.

YouTube has become one of Google’s subsidiary having higher amount of visitors across the globe. With YouTube, the video search engine is having over 9.7M total visitors from 1.93M unique visitors from 30M 29S time per visit out of 6.67 pages per visit.


The as Ghana’s top news and entertainment website has over 8.89M total visits out of its 919K unique visits from 11M 37S time per visit out of 4.93 pages per visit.

Facebook is one of the most visited social media platform across the internet with over 7.71M total visits with its 1.60M unique visits from its 19M 09S time per visit on 5.65 pages per visit.

Sportybet is one of the most visited sports betting website in Ghana having a total visit of 5.03M and 434K unique visits from 40M 08S time per visit on 14.01 pages per visit.

Betpawa has over 4.79M total visit and a 234K unique visits from its 33M 38S time per visit on the 24.30 pages per visit.

Xvideos has over 4.75M total visits from its unique visits of 916K from its 23M 27S time per visit on the 10.36 pages per visit.


The Wikipedia serves as the world’s encyclopedia online that has every information a user would need to accomplish a search.

Today, Wikipedia serves as the world’s information website with over 4.58M total visits from its 1.47M unique visits with over 12M 05S time per visit and 2.24 pages per visit.

The is a video streaming platform that serves the world’s internet visitors with video contents.

Today, XNXX has become one of the most visited video streaming platform with over 3.46M total visits from its 791K unique visitors from 23M 05S time per visit and 10.38 pages per visit.

Table Of Top 10 Most Visited Websites By Ghanaians

#Website Total VisitsUnique VisitsTime Per VisitPages Per Visit
1Google.com42.6M3.70M22M 19S6.67 39S9.37
3YouTube.com9.7M1.93M30M 29S5.16
4GhanaWeb.com8.89M919K11M 37S4.93
5Facebook.com7.71M1.60M19M 09S5.65
6Sportybet.com5.03M434K40M 08S14.01 38S24.30
8Xvideos.com4.75M916K23M 27S10.36
9Wikipedia.org4.58M1.47M12M 05S2.24
10XNXX.com3.46M791K23M 05S10.38

With the results from the table above, it indicates that most Ghanaians visiting the internet are searching for information based on their needs and wants, then next to mention is betting. That means despite NLA launching mobile platform to stake lotto and pay with Mobile Money, Ghanaians are also taking the lead in betting online.

Ghanaians show interest more in watching YouTube videos than reading news from Ghana Web. Despite that, Facebook as social media is next but most betting websites are having users than social media platforms. This means that Ghanaians bet a lot more than visiting social media networking websites.

Apart from YouTube for watching videos, more Videos that are for 18 years and above are watched more since 2 websites appears in the list for Video watching purposes.

Wikipedia too gained authority since the platform has more features for Ghanaian content creators — to create profiles, conduct research with source of information and more credibility works online.

Ghanaians visiting some popular websites such as,, indicate that there has been a rapid advancement of technology in Ghana.

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