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By | April 23, 2021

Taking A Look At Ghana Web – as entertainment news, business, opinions, health and General news website in Ghana.

Ghana is improving in technology so as a lot of people are taking advantage of the internet to make great impact in our societies.

With this, those with the knowledge of how the internet works always find major ways to leverage on the internet to make these impact in our societies.

Since 1999, Ghana Web has took the lead on the internet as the credible source to read the latest entertainment and news in the country over the web.

All about Ghana: business, culture, education, government, latest news and background information. GhanaWeb is a vertical portal publishing everything related to the country Ghana. Aside news from Ghana, they offer background information, opinions, the facility to listen to over 200 Ghanaian radio-stations, classifieds, a social network for Ghanaians and many more. 

The portal was launched by a privately owned company in 1999 and operates under the laws of the Netherlands. Through this legal setup, we publish news from Ghana in a completely independent and neutral manner. Also, we have established a platform where Ghanaians can express themselves freely through opinion articles and by commenting on the news without being censored. Ghana Web is, however, a medium made for and by Ghanaians.

The news on the portal is updated by a team of editors who write articles or aggregate from a wide range of Ghanaian media.

The wide range of different media (print and online) from which we aggregate ensures a balanced coverage of the news in Ghana. Our portal is constantly being improved and extended by Ghanaian web developers and web designers.

At a functional level, the portal is designed to meet the requirements of the 3 million unique visitors who patronise ghanaweb.com each month.

At a technical level, the portal is constructed to load smoothly and reliably even in remote parts of Africa.

Their visitors are predominantly Ghanaian. Historically, GhanaWeb has been very popular amongst the millions of migrant Ghanaians living in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and many other countries. This segment of our audience is very loyal, in fact, many visitors from the early years still visit us daily.

In the last decade, GhanaWeb became extremely popular in Ghana. Since 2008, we are ranked as the most popular website in Ghana featuring local content (source: Alexa).

Major Resource Links on GhanaWeb.Com

  • News
  • Sports
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • World
  • Country
  • Opinion
  • Members
  • Quick Loans

In summary, Ghana Web is one of the most visited entertainment and news reporting websites in Ghana — serving Ghanaians with everyday news and updates.

Thanks for reading and you’re free to surf through other pages for more information & technological updates. Also share across the various social media platforms. Taking A Look At GhanaWeb – Ghana HomePage.

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