How To Return An Item On Jumia Ghana 2021

By | November 1, 2021

How to return an item on Jumia Ghana is one of the most asked queries for some online shoppers. There are so many reasons you might want to return an item on Jumia.

At times, the way the product looks on the Jumia website may differ from what you ordered. Why should that even happen? The picture you may see on the website is more explicit and brighter than what you will have in hand.

And not even the appearance of the item will compel you to ask for a return. But most of the time, especially in apparel, the size you see on the Jumia website may not be the same as your size.

I can say a lot of instances people want to return an item on Jumia Ghana. However, whatever your reason, we will serve you right in this article. I’m going to show you how to return an item on Jumia in just simple steps.

So, read on and don’t be mad at your item, because this article will help you right away. This article here shall take you through anything you may need to know about How To Return An Item On Jumia Ghana 2021.

Before You Return An Item On Jumia Ghana, Know This

Returning an order on Jumia Ghana has to meet specific criteria. You can only return your order for a maximum period of 15 days following the date of delivery.

Again, you have to ensure your item is packed the way it was when delivered to you. Wherefore, when unboxing any item ordered from Jumia, make sure always to unbox it well. After receiving an item from the courier, most people will unbox and throw the box away and later seek ways to return it. And if you do that, Jumia will not accept your item for a return.

Steps To Return An Item On Jumia Ghana

  1. Log in to your Jumia account via your mobile app or at the Jumia Ghana website.
  2. Click on orders to see the list of your ordered items.
  3. Select the one who wants to return from the list.
  4. Jumia will ask you to state the reasons for your item return by filling in the return forms.
  5. Kindly fill the form and provide the reasons why you want to return your item on Jumia. This will help Jumia identify the issue with their product and serve you well next time.
  6. You have the option to choose when returning your item.
  7. Either you return the item yourself to one of Jumia’s approved drop-off stations, or you let Jumia come for the item from you.
  8. Review all your compliances about your order and hit on the submit to send your return form.

 In Summary: Requirements To Return An Item On Jumia Ghana

  1. The product shall not be from the following categories: underwear, health and beauty, IP or TV subscriptions, food, and supermarket.
  2. The product and its package are in a good state (not broken or spotted)
  3. The product state should match your return reason

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