How To Register For A Non-Citizen Ghana Card – For Foreigners

By | December 18, 2020

Today’s post contains the simple guide on How to register for a non-citizen Ghana Card — For foreigners.

The National Identification Authority started issuing the National Card since last year, 2019 and ended the registration and issuing of cards in 2020.

The ECOWAS CARD Identity Card given under Republic of Ghana for identification purposes and a lot of things that can be used for.

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A lot of Ghanaians received their ECOWAS Identity Card and non-Ghanaians were asking if there will be cards registered and issued for them. Yes, there is chance for Non-citizens to apply for the Ghana card and get it issued.

Non-citizen Ghana Card For Foreign Nationals

The National Identification Authority (NIA) under the government of Ghana developed a separate process for registering foreign nationals who are permanent residents of Ghana. National Identification Authority designates it as the Foreigners Identification Management System (FIMS).

Why Registering For Non-citizen Ghana Card For Foreign Nationals?

I know a lot of Ghanaians will questioning why there is an option for non-Ghanaians to register for the Ghana Card and be issued card.
This helps to know and create a database of all Ghana citizens and Non-Ghanaian citizens. As non-citizens are mandated by the Legislative Instrument (L.I) 2111 (2012), Act 750, it’s obliged for all non-citizens to register. This wil help know the data for Ghana under governance, e-government services and more.

Who Qualifies To Register For Non-Citizen Ghana Card?

If you are a foreigner wanting to register, you must be eligible to register for the non-citizen Ghana card, one should meet the following criteria;

  • Be a foreign national permanently resident in the country.
  • Be a foreign national who is resident in the country for a cumulative number of at least ninety (90) days in any calendar year.
  • All foreigners six years and above of age.

Requirements To Register For Non-Citizen Ghana Card

These consist of the documents that will be needed to register for the Non-citizen Ghana Card;

  1. Passport
  2. Residence Permit
  3. International Driver’s License

Cost For Non-citizen Ghana Card

The Non-citizen Ghana card costs $120 and equivalent to GHS 705.

How To Register For The Card?

If you are willing to register for the Non-citizen Ghana Card as a foreigner, you will have to buy a scratch card from any Cal Bank’s branch nationwide, fill the registration form with your personal information and biometric data (fingerprints and photographs).

Where To Go To Register For Non-citizen Ghana Card

  • National Identification Authority (NIA) head office, behind Gulf House, Shiashie.
  • FIMS Premium Lounge Centre, VFS Ghana Cantonment Next to GOETHE Institute.
  • Accra International Conference Center, Osu.
  • Cal bank head office, Ridge
  • Cal bank, Tema Industrial Area branch
  • Cal bank, Takoradi Harbour branch
  • Cal bank, Nhyiaeso branch, Kumasi
  • Cal bank, Tarkwa old UTC building

Uses of the Non-citizen Ghana card

There are a lot of things you Non-citizen card can be used for, despite identification purpose.

Other benefit of uses can be for opening a bank account in Ghana, to apply or renew your residence permit, apply or renew your work permit and registration for a business or car.

Whom To Contact For Anything About The Non-citizen Ghana Card

You can contact the Foreigns, Identification Management System (FIMS) for any clarification. You can check and visit their social media page ( and contact them via any of their phone numbers.

Note: The Non-citizen Ghana Card is issued instantly after registration is complete.

You can also learn how to verify your Ghana Card online here.

You are free to make use of the comment box below if you have anything to ask or make enquiries.

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