How To Login To Your NABCO Portal As A Trainee

By | December 18, 2020

The government of Ghana under the provision of jobs for all Ghanaians, brought the Nation Builders Corps — for any citizen in Ghana with Diploma, Highly National Diploma (HND) or Degree to be able to apply for any job preferred with the required qualification.

This initiative brought jobs to many Ghanaian youths — by reducing the highly rate of unemployment graduates residing in Ghana.

There has been a lot of blogs in Ghana that educate NABCO trainees about how to make use of NABCO’s web portal, how to handle minor issues being faced on NABCO web portal and more.

One of these web blogs in Ghana that talks about NABCO is GoLearnersHub — giving and solving the issues faced by NABCO trainees.

There has been numerous requests from a lot of people that has been selected for NABCO and wanting to check their NABCO portal, all because they could not login to their portal.

Other people also complain about NABCO payment portal not working and many more requests regarding NABCO application. When it happens like this, unless some NABCO trainees who cannot check or login to their portal visit Internet Cafe attendance to do for them.

You can now login to your NABCO portal as a trainee yourself to check your account straight from the comfort on your bed.

In this article guide, I shall brief you about how to login and check your NABCO Ghana portal as a trainee in Ghana.

How To Check Your NABCO Portal As A Trainee In Ghana

  • Open Google Chrome or Opera Mini
  • Visit
  • You will be redirected to NABCO login portal
  • Enter your NABCO Reference Number and Password. Reference Number sample: (NABCONAREDGXXXXX) depending on the region you applied NABCO at.
  • Click on the Login button

After logging in successfully in to the portal, you will now see all your details that include your payment remarks for each month from NABCO.

This is how simple it is to login or check your NABCO portal as a trainee.

If you are new to apply for NABCO Ghana job position, then you can read more about how to apply for NABCO Ghana online.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Login To NABCO Portal As A Trainee.

how to check/login to your nabco portal as a trainee

You can use Google Chrome or Opera Mini. Now, type in the address bar and then Hit on the “Go button” or ‘Enter key’ on your keyboard. Once you hit the go button, you’ll be taken to the NABCO login page. here, you’ll be asked to enter your NABCO Reference Number and Password.

how do I log into nabco portal?

To log into your nabco portal, you only need to visit the web address in the address bar and press the ‘Enter key’ on your keyboard. Once you press the ‘Enter Key’ button, you’ll be taken to the NABCO login page. You have to enter your NABCO Reference Number and Password to be able to log into your NABCO portal.

How do I check my nabco status?

Visit the portal on and sign in to your account, you should see the current status of your application. You will need your NABCO registration number and password which you would have received a long time ago via SMS to sign in and check.

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