Passion Air Contact Details In Ghana 2021

Passion Air is one of the commonly used airlines in Ghana — for domestic flights. Formerly, Passion Air was known as DAC International, founded by a businessman — Edward Annan together with the DAC Aviation of Kenya. Passion Air as a local airline in Ghana was founded in 2017 and launched in August 2018.

With its offices across Ghana, Passion Air has an office located at Accra with its main office at the Kotoka International Airport.


When thinking about the best domestic airline, then one of the best to consider is Passion Air in Ghana. Passion Air makes travelling within Ghana very interesting in such that, there is a flight from Kumasi to Accra, flight from Accra to Kumasi, flight from Accra to Tamale, flight from Kumasi to Tamale, flight from Takoradi to Accra, flight from Tamale to Takoradi and many more.

I would like to provide you with more information on Passion Air Contact Details In Ghana with their locations for 2021.

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Passion air contact details in Ghana

These are the contact details of Passion Air in Ghana and their locations across the country. For inquiries, you may contact Passion air via their contact number on: 0800221221 from 8am – 5pm during weekdays and 9am – 2pm on weekends.

We shall give you other contacts of Passion Air in Ghana for more clarifications.

Call Centre

Toll-Free: 0800 221 221

Head Office

  • 221 Augustus Akiwumi Street
  • Airport West
  • P.O. Box CT 920, Cantonments
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +2333 302783052

Sales Desk – Tamale

  • Situated in the banking hall of ADB Kaladan Branch
  • Opposite Kaladan Park, Tamale
  • Working Hours: 8am to 5pm on Weekdays only

Tamale Airport Office

  • Passion Air Sales Office
  • Located in the Departure Hall
  • Tamale Airport
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Payments can be made through debit cards, credit cards, master cards as well as Visa Cards for Passion Air Bookings. All booking of Passion Air Ghana can be made through their official website via: and you can learn more about how to book Passion Air Online in Ghana with the steps and guides.

Passion Air Ghana Frequently Asked Questions

Does Passion Air Offer International Flight?

No, Passion Air does not offer international flight at the moment. Currently, Passion Air offers local or domestic airline services in Ghana. The only place to go for all your international flight is to visit Kotoka International Airport.

Who Is The Founder Of Passion Air Ghana?

The owner of Passion Air Ghana is Edward Annan. Edward Annan studied at the University of Bernen in Germany. He gained his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

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