Ps4 price in Ghana at Melcom

By | November 15, 2021

Ps4 price in Ghana at Melcom

In this modern world, being left alone and bored is not a major problem to many individuals especially males due to the introduction of so many fun playing objects, Ps4 has really brought out the joy in gaming as each and every gamer would love to own one, in Ghana Ps4 is really valued higher among the empire of gamers, the console is really one of the best products from the Sony company according to many users.

This Sony Play station product can be found in most shops in Ghana, this item is also available at the Melcom shop as well and goes for a cool price.

When the Ps4 console was newly introduced, it price was really high but it declined after the introduction of the new version. Today, the brand new PS4 in any Melcom shop in Ghana is sold at GHC2700.

Buying the PS4 Console at other shops aside Melcom, goes for a different price, the price ranges from GHC 1900 to GHC3000.

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