MTN Data Bundle Packages Ghana 2020

By | November 23, 2020

These are the MTN Data Bundle packages in Ghana for 2020.

Each and everyone needs a data bundle to perform certain activities online. If you happen to be an entrepreneur, you will need an internet bundle to connect with business partners, promote your products online and get new customers using the era of social media. This alone brought the reason why businesses need social media presence.

How do you browse or surf the web without a data bundle? You will however need best internet bundle package to subscribe to, and enjoy the moments of surfing the web conveniently.

If you are yet to get your MTN Ghana SIM Card, then kindly read our recommended guide on How To Register Your MTN SIM Card Yourself In Ghana.

How To Activate MTN Unlimited Data Plan

MTN Ghana has unlimited internet bundle plan for its subscribers to enjoy the best moment of internet with more internet bundle pack. Check below on how to subscribe to MTN unlimited data plan, prices and packages.

MTN Basic Data Packages

The MTN Ghana’s basic data bundle packages are the first internet bundle you will see and subscribe to — if you are in need of bundle to complete a certain task online within some few minutes.

PriceData BundleCode
50 Pesewas24.27 MB *138# 1-1-2-1-1
1 Cedi48.54 MB *138# 1-1-3-1-1
3 Cedis476.19 MB*138# 1-1-4-1-1
10 Cedis980.93 MB*138# 1-1-99-5-1-1
120 Cedis12.88 GB*138# 1-1-1-120-1-1
300 Cedis108.51 GB*138# 1-1-1-300-1-1
399 Cedis216.47 GB*138# 1-1-1-399-1-1

Midnight Data Packages

MTN Ghana has midnight data bundle pack for internet lovers that browse during midnights. These MTN midnight bundle come in a cheaper price and very fast for downloading and streaming.

Check out below on how to subscribe to MTN Midnight bundle pack with short codes and subscription prices.

PriceData BundleShort CodeDuration
1 Cedi2.87 GB*138# 2-1-1-1-1-112 AM – 5 AM daily
3 Cedis8.59 GB*138# 2-1-1-1-2.99-1-112AM – 5 AM Daily

MTN Kokrokoo Data Bundle

1.05 Cedis400 MB and 20 Mins*138# 3-1-1-1-14:00 AM – 8 AM

Social Media Bundle

The data bundle package that is recommended for social media lovers. You are good to go on surfing some social platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter Or Snapchat.

PriceData BundleShort codeDuration
1 Cedi97.09 MB*138# 4-1-1-1-1-1No Expiry
5 Cedis485.44 MB*138# 4-1-2-2-1-1No Expiry
10 Cedis970.87 MB*138# 4-1-2-3-1-1No Expiry

MTN Video Bundle Pack

If you are an internet lover that used to steam a lot, then MTN Ghana’s video bundle pack is recommended for you.

PriceData BundleShort CodeDuration
1 Cedi94.34 MB*138# 4-1-1-1-1-1No expiry
5 Cedis471.70 MB*138# 4-1-1-2-1-1No expiry
10 Cedis943.40 MB*138# 4-1-3-1-1-1No expiry

MTN Turbonet Broadband Bundle Pack

The MTN Turbonet router comes with its special bundle packages for the 4G device internet users. There are various bundle packages recommended for MTN Turbonet users and you can check some of them out here. MTN Turbonet Router Price, Bundle And Specifications (2020 Guide)

PriceData BundleShort CodeDuration
25 Cedis5.18 GB*5057# 1-1-1-1-No expiry
50 Cedis10.36 GB*5057# 1-2-1-1No expiry
145 Cedis46.64 GB*5057# 1-4-1-1No expiry
295 Cedis233.18 GB*5057# 1-5-2-1No expiry
300 Cedis335.59 GB*5057# 1-5-300-1-1No expiry

If you happen to be an already MTN subscriber, then you need to check your SIM card registration status here How To Check Your MTN Ghana SIM Registration Status and learn how to update your MTN SIM registration status easily online here How To Update Your MTN Ghana SIM Registration Status.

I believe these post about MTN Data Bundle Packages Ghana 2020 has helped you — to know the kind of data bundle subscription package to subscribe to, in the next time you are about to do internet bundle.

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