List of Tech Bloggers in Australia

By | June 28, 2023

Australia is home to a flourishing IT culture that encourages entrepreneurship, values innovation, and adds to the state of the industry worldwide. A broad community of tech bloggers has evolved within this dynamic environment, providing insightful opinions, evaluations, and analysis on the most recent technological developments. In this post, we give a hand-picked selection of important and experienced Australian tech bloggers who offer distinctive viewpoints and technical competence.

List of Tech Bloggers in Australia

Rae Johnston

Rae Johnston is a well-known presenter, editor, and tech writer for Gizmodo Australia. Her site provides an interesting mix of tech news, product reviews, and in-depth pieces on a variety of subjects, including gaming, science, space exploration, and upcoming technologies. For everyone interested in the IT industry, Johnston’s blog is a must-follow due to her knowledge and enthusiasm.

Alex Kidman

Tech writer and editor Alex Kidman works for Finder, a well-known Australian comparison site. He writes on a wide range of tech-related subjects on his blog, including consumer gadgets, software, and internet services. For people looking to make educated purchasing decisions and gain knowledge about the most recent IT goods and services, Kidman’s blog is a great resource because to its pragmatic approach and professional analysis.

Trevor Long

A well-known Australian writer and tech pundit, Trevor Long is the creator of the well-liked tech blog EFTM (Everything for the Man). Long’s blog offers informative reviews, business news, and helpful advice with a focus on reader-friendly material. It covers a wide range of issues, including cellphones, gadgets, automotive tech, and home entertainment.

Jen Dudley

Technology editor and columnist Jen Dudley-Nicholson works for, one of Australia’s top news sources. Her site offers a wide range of tech information, such as product reviews, industry news, and articles on cutting-edge technology. She has a devoted following because Dudley-Nicholson can simplify complicated tech issues into articles that are interesting and easy to read.

Seamus Byrne

A well-known Australian tech blog called Byteside was started by tech writer, presenter, and creator Seamus Byrne. Gaming, virtual reality, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the many tech-related subjects he covers in his blog. Byrne’s blog is a go-to source for Australian tech aficionados because of his in-depth analysis, conversations with industry leaders, and coverage of significant tech events.

Tegan Jones

Tegan Jones writes for Gizmodo Australia as a technology journalist and covers a range of tech-related subjects. Her blog provides a distinctive viewpoint on cutting-edge technologies, digital culture, and online trends. Jones’ blog is engrossing to read because of her sharp writing style and capacity for demystifying difficult technological challenges.

Campbell Simpson

Gizmodo Australia’s editor and seasoned technology writer Campbell Simpson. His site offers a variety of tech news, reviews, and opinion articles that address a variety of subjects, such as cellphones, home automation, and new technological developments. Simpson’s blog is a captivating destination for IT lovers because of his ability to meld technical expertise with engrossing narrative.

Leigh Stark

Pickr’s editor, Leigh Stark, concentrates on consumer electronics, cellphones, and cutting-edge technology. Pickr’s thorough evaluations, shopping recommendations, and news updates assist readers in navigating the rapidly evolving consumer technology market and helping them make wise purchase selections.


The Australian tech blogging scene is home to a wide spectrum of brilliant people that provide the tech world insightful information and commentary. These tech bloggers play a critical role in keeping readers informed and interested in the most recent tech trends and advances, including thorough product reviews, breaking news, and thought-provoking commentary. Discovering the work of these Australian tech blogs will undoubtedly broaden your knowledge and improve your grasp of the tech sector, whether you’re a consumer, professional, or enthusiast.

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