List of Tech Bloggers in Canada

By | June 28, 2023

A flourishing tech scene, distinguished by entrepreneurship, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, can be found in Canada. A broad collection of tech bloggers has formed in this dynamic environment, offering insightful commentary, research, and reviews on the most recent technological developments. In this post, we give a carefully chosen selection of notable and skilled Canadian tech bloggers who provide distinctive viewpoints and technical skills.

List of Tech Bloggers in Canada

Amber Mac

Amber MacArthur, sometimes referred to as Amber Mac, is a well-known Canadian media personality, speaker, and tech blogger. Her blog, AmberMac, discusses a variety of subjects, such as new technology, online trends, and social media. Because of MacArthur’s engrossing writing style, tech knowledge, and multimedia material, tech aficionados may benefit much from her site.

Peter Nowak

Technology writer and author Peter Nowak examines the nexus between technology, science, and culture. His blog, Altered Qualia, explores a variety of tech subjects, such as robots, artificial intelligence, and space travel. Nowak’s in-depth research and stimulating publications offer a distinctive viewpoint on the changing digital scene.

Karim Kanji

CanTechLetter is a blog dedicated to the Canadian IT sector, and it was founded and is edited in chief by Karim Kanji. His site includes opinions, news, and information about Canadian businesses, invention, and cutting-edge technology. CanTechLetter is a must-read for anybody interested in the Canadian tech landscape because of Kanji’s extensive knowledge of the region’s tech environment and his interviews with leading figures in the sector.

Tom Emrich

Tom Emrich is a well-known investor, speaker, and tech journalist who focuses on wearable, augmented, and virtual reality. Emrich contributes intelligent analysis, business news, and product reviews to BetaKit, a well-known Canadian tech site. His blog is an invaluable resource for both professionals and tech fans due to his experience in AR, VR, and wearable technology.

Sarah Perez

Canadian author Sarah Perez contributes to TechCrunch, a well-known website for technology news. Her blog entries cover the most recent product releases, IT industry news, and upcoming technologies in-depth. Because of Perez’s knowledge of consumer technology, mobile applications, and digital services, her blog is a trustworthy source of up-to-date information.

Anshel Sag

Anshel Sag is a technology industry analyst and blogger who works for the international technology analysis and advising business Moor Insights & Strategy. His blog discusses a wide range of subjects, such as semiconductor technology, mobile gadgets, and new trends. Sag’s blog is an invaluable resource for computer fans and experts due to his in-depth knowledge of the sector and his capacity to convert difficult technical topics into text that is understandable.

Marc Saltzman

Canadian tech writer, author, and television personality Marc Saltzman is well-known in his field. Saltzman, who has more than three decades of expertise, is a well-known name in the Canadian IT sector. His blog discusses a variety of subjects, such as gaming, consumer technology, cybersecurity, and upcoming trends.
Through his in-depth product evaluations, analyses of tech news, and coverage of significant tech events, Saltzman’s knowledge is evident.

Sachin Bahal – Canadian Reviewer

The creator and editor-in-chief of Canadian Reviewer, a technology site specializing in news and reviews of consumer electronics, cellphones, and gadgets, is Sachin Bahal. Readers may make educated purchasing decisions because to Bahal’s in-depth product evaluations, market insights, and coverage of significant tech events.

Jessica Galang

Canadian-born tech writer and journalist Jessica Galang is well-known. Despite the fact that she is not a standard tech blogger, her work has had a big impact on the sector. A former managing editor at BetaKit, a Canadian portal for tech news and analysis, Jessica Galang has held a number of editorial jobs.

Jessica Galang has written extensively about a variety of tech-related subjects over the course of her career, including startups, business ownership, fundraising, and market trends. She has conducted a wide range of interviews with business owners, trailblazers, and thought leaders, offering insightful information on the Canadian IT sector.


The Canadian technology bloggers offer insightful and unique viewpoints on the most recent trends, inventions, and advances in the IT sector. Through keeping readers informed and involved in the rapidly changing world of technology, their blogs assist to contribute to Canada’s thriving tech environment.

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