List of Tech Bloggers in Switzerland

By | June 28, 2023

The expanding digital industry in Switzerland, which is well-known for its ingenuity and precise engineering, has caught the interest of tech aficionados from all over the world. A number of tech bloggers from Switzerland are an integral part of this thriving ecosystem, offering opinions, analyses, and business news with both domestic and international audiences. This article will explore the world of tech bloggers in Switzerland and will spotlight some noteworthy figures who have a significant impact on the nation’s IT scene.

List of Tech Bloggers in Switzerland

Lea Gloor – Techgarage

The influential Swiss tech blog Techgarage was founded and is run by Lea Gloor. Emerging technologies, startups, gadgets, and digital trends are just a few of the subjects covered by Techgarage. Techgarage has become a go-to site for tech lovers and professionals looking for insights into the Swiss tech landscape because to Lea’s in-depth research a

Ben Klopfer – Swisscognitive

The CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the technology blog Swisscognitive, which specializes on artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing, is Ben Klopfer. Swisscognitive offers perceptive articles, interviews, and case studies that investigate the most recent developments and uses of AI in Switzerland and elsewhere. Swisscognitive has a devoted following thanks to Ben’s skill in AI and his capacity to simplify difficult concepts.

Anand Rajaram – Startupticker

Editor of Startupticker, a well-known website that focuses on the startup environment in Switzerland, is Anand Rajaram. Startupticker frequently posts on tech companies, financing news, and innovation tales, yet it is not solely a tech site. Startupticker has become a vital resource for anybody interested in the Swiss innovation landscape thanks to Anand’s coverage of the industry, which emphasizes the developments, difficulties, and triumphs of Swiss digital firms.

Chris Husser – NZZ Digital

One of the most well-known media organizations in Switzerland, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), is led by Chris Husser as its digital section. Chris Husser’s contributions and thoughts on technology, digital transformation, and innovation provide readers insightful views on the Swiss tech scene despite the fact that NZZ Digital covers a wide variety of issues.

Alex Hitz – Startupticker, ICTjournal

Tech writer and editor Alex Hitz contributes to Startupticker and ICTjournal. He writes about a variety of tech-related subjects for both platforms, including startups, digital transformation, cybersecurity, and new technologies. For anyone interested in the Swiss IT sector, Alex’s publications are a must-read due to his in-depth expertise and captivating writing style.

Nicolas Bürer – StartupTicker (

A well-known name in the Swiss IT community, Nicolas Bürer is connected to StartupTicker ( Switzerland’s premier portal for news and updates on startups, business ventures, and innovation is called StartupTicker.

Readers may find insightful articles, interviews, and other content on the Swiss startup scene from Nicolas Bürer and the StartupTicker team. The portal strives to highlight the most recent breakthroughs, fundraising rounds, success tales, and activities taking place within the Swiss startup scene.

Ruedi Maeder – Swiss IT Magazine (

A well-known editor and writer for technology, Ruedi Maeder works for Swiss IT Magazine ( Information technology, digital transformation, cybersecurity, software, hardware, and new technologies are all subjects covered in depth by Swiss IT Magazine, a well-known tech journal in Switzerland.

Ruedi Maeder and the Swiss IT Magazine staff contribute to the journal by giving readers enlightening articles, interviews, reviews, and analyses on the most recent trends and advancements in the IT business.

Martin Steiger – Privacyblog (

Martin Steiger is a well-known Swiss attorney who focuses on data privacy and protection. Even though his blog, Privacyblog (, is not largely about technology, he offers insightful commentary on privacy issues.

Martin Steiger discusses his knowledge of data protection, privacy regulations, internet privacy, and the effects of technology on personal information on the Privacyblog. On privacy-related issues in Switzerland and elsewhere, he provides analysis, opinion, and updates.


Lea Gloor, Ben Klopfer, Anand Rajaram, Chris Husser, and Alex Hitz are just a few of the successful tech bloggers in Switzerland who offer insightful commentary and analysis on a range of IT-related issues. These tech blogs contribute to the thriving Swiss tech sector by keeping readers informed and interested in developing technology, companies, and digital trends.

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