How To Link NHIS Card To Your Ghana Card (2021 Guide)

By | November 9, 2021

Linking your National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Card to your National Identification Authority (NIA) Card or Ghana Card preferably — using your mobile phone is something easier you can do without any help from someone.

The National Identification Authority is the organization that is responsible for maintaining the standards and procedures designated to protect Customer Information and other Personal Identification details — that are confidential.

If a Ghanaian is to apply and get a National Identification Card that is called by Ghanaians as Ghana Card, one has to visit the National Identification Authority (NIA) centre for all details to be taken for issuance of the Ghana Card.

There are numerous persons who have registered for the National Identification Card in Ghana. Most of these people always lodge complain that they will have to carry along all their identity cards anytime they are going out or visiting the banks or any related institution.

With that, the National Identification Authority (NIA) is doing its possible best to make it easier for Ghanaians to be able to link all their cards to the Ghana Cards — for easier usage when travelling or going out.

The first step is how the National Identification Authority (NIA) has made it possible for Ghanaians to link their National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card to their Ghana Card using mobile phone.

We have compiled the needed information you should follow today about the steps on how to link your NHIS card to the Ghana Card with your Mobile Phone in 2021.

How To Link Your NHIS Card To Ghana Card 2021.

We all need quality health and there can be times we shall forget our NHIS card — but linking it to our Ghana Card can help send us to the hospital anytime in case of emergency. The steps below will guide you through as a Ghanaian.

  1. On your Mobile Phone, dial *842# on any network
  2. Select the option 1 — Generate claims code
  3. Enter the 13 digits Ghana Card PIN — without the hyphen
  4. Confirm the 13 digits Ghana Card PIN — without the hyphen
  5. Press Send
  6. Wait for the response

After successful process, there will be a message on your phone that you have successfully linked your card with the notes below:

  1. Status: Active
  2. CCC: 12345
  3. HIN: 1234567890
  4. Name: Your name on the card
  5. DOB: Your Date of Birth
  6. Gender: Male or Female
  7. Start: This represent the start date of the member’s eligibility
  8. End: The ending date of the member’s eligibility

If you are in Ghana, this is how to link your NHIS Card to your Ghana Card simply by using your mobile phone on any mobile network.

Update On Linking NHIS Card To Ghana Card Easily

Digitalization is on the rise in Ghana and it’s time to upgrade yourself — since you can sit in the comfort of your room and link your NHIS card to your Ghana Card on any mobile phone with short code.

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