ICT Short Courses In Ghana

Your time can be put to use by enrolling in a brief computer course that will broaden your knowledge and skill set. Everyone is aware of the crucial role that computers play in the contemporary business world. Therefore, having a foundation in computer applications will not only improve your ability to think critically and solve problems, but it will also increase your aptitude, which you can use to pursue a variety of professional opportunities in the future.

The benefits of taking short-term computer courses are numerous especially for people who are currently laid off at work or are unemployed.


In this guide, we are looking at some of the short ICT courses you can take up to improve upon yourself in a limited time.

What Is The Duration Of ICT Short Courses In Ghana

The average duration of the ICT Short Courses In Ghana ranges between 3 months to 6 months dependent on the intensity of the program. However, some short courses last for only a month.

ICT Short Courses In Ghana

Certificate Course in Graphics Designing

Certificate Programme in MS Office

Certificate Course in Web Designing

 Certificate Course in Programming Language

Certificate Course in SEO

Certificate in ICT (CICT)

Certificate in ICT for Project Management (CIPM)

Certificate in IT Management

Certificate in Telecommunications Management

Certificate in Information Systems Requirements Analysis (CIRA)

Certificate in Microsoft Server Database Administration

Advanced Certificate in Database Programming with .Net Framework (ACDP)

Certificate in SQL Expertise in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (CSQL)

Advanced Certificate in Web Programming with .Net Framework (ACWP)

Advanced Certificate in Web Technologies with .Net Framework (ACWT)

Where To Take Short ICT Courses In Ghana

There are a number of institutions that undertake short courses for students and they are:

Jackson College of Education


Aptech Computer Education


IPMC College Of Information Technology

DevWorld Tech Academy (DWTA):

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