IT Training Schools In Ghana

By | August 13, 2022

You have found yourself at the correct location if you are desperately searching for accreditedIT Training Schools In Ghana and dont seem to find any.

IT skills (also known as information technology skills) are technical skills necessary to work within technical support, maintenance, and development. IT skills are a rather wide skill set that range from hardware installment and software development to troubleshooting and data analysis.

There are lots of IT training schools that have come up with the aim of equipping students with the relevant knowldge in IT.

The IT training schools comes power-packed with relevant topics and areas you will need on the field of IT such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Blockchain.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Data Science And Analytics.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Full Stack Development.

What is The Job Of an IT person?

IT professionals are the people who build, test, install, repair, and maintain hardware and software within organizations. Some organizations will have an in-house IT team, whereas smaller scale businesses may hire freelance IT professionals for specific tasks.

IT Training Schools In Ghana

The following are some of the IT training schools you can find in Ghana.

  • Accra Institute of Technology
  • NIIT Ghana – Global Leader in IT Education and Training
  • Aptech Computer Education – Ghana
  • Kessben Computer Training School
  • IPMC Computer School
  • GWS Online GH – Ghana Web Solutions Online
  • DAB Computer Services and ICT Training Center
  • PC Angles Computer Training Center
  • aeTechnovations Co. LTD. (ACIT)
  • AITI-KACE (Advance Information Technology Institute- Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence)
  • IT Scope Computer Training Center
  • Zentech IT Solutions Limited
  • Miteo ICT Training Center
  • IPMC, East Legon
  • Adam Center for Research in Computing
  • Star Electronics, Computer Training & Business Centre
  • west african computer training institute
  • J-Prompt Professional Institute of Technology
  • Beacon IT Training Center, Accra
  • Omega1 ICT Training Institute

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