Best IT Schools In Ghana

By | August 13, 2022

The subject of information technology is one that is always experiencing significant breakthroughs. We are so closely entwined with technology that it has permeated every aspect of our existence. In Ghana, the majority of jobs demand a worker who is technologically proficient.

A bachelor’s degree that provides students with in-depth instruction in the handling, processing, and management of data and information Students who pursue a BSc in IT learn about databases, software, and networking. Additionally, you will be learning about the complexities of software engineering, web design, database programming, computer networking, and computer systems. Foundation of Information Technology, Advanced-Data Structure, DBMS utilizing FoxPro, Foundation of Mathematics and Statistics, among others, are some of the key BSc IT subjects.
The National Accreditation Board is the organization in charge of approving ICT schools in Ghana. A division of the Ghana Ministry of Education is the board. Each school must meet a set of requirements before it can receive accreditation from the organisation. These criteria will not be covered in this article. The list of certified ICT schools in Ghana is what we are concentrating on.

Ghanaian students now have the chance to study information technology in their own country with the assurance that their education will meet international standards.

Best IT Schools In Ghana

The following are the best IT schools you can find in the country.

  • Ashesi University
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology KNUST
  • University Of Ghana
  • Catholic University College, Fiapre.
  • University for Development Studies(Wa Campus), Tamale.
  • Garden City University College, Kumasi.
  • Central University College, Accra.
  • Ghana Technology University College, Tesano.
  • Christian Service University College, Santasi
  • Accra Institute of Technology.
  • Valley View University

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