How To Repay Your MTN Qwik Loan Yourself In Ghana

By | March 22, 2021

We have published several articles about MTN Mobile Money, MTN Qwik loan and how to apply as well.

A lot of MTN Mobile Money subscribers do apply for the instant mobile money service and do not know how to pay on time. This tends to be issue since they can forget and MTN Ghana will incur an additional 12% on failure to repay the loan on time.

You can read more about instant mobile money loans in Ghana here: Instant Mobile Money loans in Ghana.

When a loan is given, you have up to 30 days to repay so as MTN Ghana can increase your loan credit score for another loan from their Mobile Money service.

In this article, we shall discuss about how to repay your MTN Qwik loan using your MTN Mobile Money account and get qualified for another loan on higher chances.

How To Repay Your MTN QwikLoan Using MTN Mobile Money

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  • On your MTN Mobile Money, deposit an amount you are to repay into your wallet.
  • Make sure you do this before the due date and then money will be deducted automatically if the time reaches.

You might forget and withdraw that money — and in such, you can repay your loan manually from your MTN Mobile Money wallet.

How To Repay Your MTN Qwikloan Manually

  • Dial *170# on your mobile phone
  • Choose option 5 — for Financial Services
  • Select option 3 — for Loans
  • Choose option 1 — for QWIKLOAN
  • Select option 2 — for Repay my loan
  • Enter your MoMo PIN to confirm
  • Choose to your own amount or repay full loan balance of GHS xxx
  • Select 1 to confirm

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Now, you are done on how to repay your MTN Qwikloan — and you are qualified to apply for another loan higher than the previously given loan.

That’s why you should always repay your MTN Qwikloan on time to avoid paying penalty as late fee.

One of the requirements for applying for MTN Qwik loan is having a registered MTN SIM Card and you can read more about How To Register Your MTN SIM Card Yourself In Ghana

Frequently Asked Questions About MTN Quick Loan In Ghana

How to Repay your MTN QwikLoan.

The loan amount would automatically be deducted from one’s wallet on the due date. Alternatively, You can repay your loan manually at any time, by dialing *170# >>Financial Services >>Loans the Repay loan option on the MTN Qwikloan.

MTN loan application

The MTN loan application is to dial the short code *170# on your MTN Handset, Then choose option 5 to access Financial Services option and follow the option to loans and apply or repay for your MTN loan in Ghana.

MTN momo loan

MTN Ghana has Mobile Money loans for its cherished subscribers and you can repay yourself before the due time. Check for how to apply for MTN Qwik Loan here and how to repay for your Qwik loan.

MTN quick loan contact number

For MTN quick loan contact number, you can call+233244300000.

MTN quick loan short code

The MTN Quik loan short code is *170#

how to borrow money from MTN in Ghana

For anything about how to borrow money from MTN in Ghana, you can read our full guide from here. Apply For MTN QWIK Loan in Ghana.


In summary, MTN QwikLoan allows you to apply for a loan and get up to GHS 1,000 instantly. MTN Ghana allows subscribers to apply and take loans to cash out from MTN Mobile Money merchants or banks.

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