8 Tips To Prevent ATM And Debit Card Fraud

By | March 19, 2021

I’m here with another post on the 8 Tips To Prevent ATM And Debit Card Fraud in Ghana or anywhere you are — using an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) across the globe.

Are you aware of some of the best tips to follow in preventing Debit Card Fraud at ATMs? There have been several cases of bank and ATM fraud across many countries, though banks are putting their best measures to stop this illegal activity of ATM fraud.

From time to time banks alert their customers about ATM fraud, staying safe and staying secured in the era of global pandemic virus.

Banks in Ghana have kept all their account holders vigilant about online banking fraud, cloning, phishing, UPI fraud, and other banking tips. I believe you are aware of these tips, or simply because you are busy and could not read that 2 minutes SMS sent by your bank?

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All Banks in Ghana that are operating under the Bank Of Ghana license have given some safety tips to customers, which can make the use of ATMs safe. If an unauthorized transaction occurs, customers should inform the concerned bank.

What You Should Not Do At All?

As a precaution and security for customers, the bank has advised account holders to change their ATM PIN at regular time intervals, cover the ATM / POS keypad, while putting the PIN, Avoid writing PIN on the card, or anywhere, remember the security transaction number instead.

8 Tips To Prevent ATM And Debit Card Fraud

After following these tips, let us now know some of the 8 tips to follow in preventing ATM and Debit Card fraud in Ghana.

  • Always change your PIN after a periodic time interval
  • Cover ATM / POS keypad while entering your card PIN number
  • Remember your PIN. Avoid writing on your ATM card or anywhere else
  • Avoid using your birthday and anniversary date as your PIN
  • Register / update your mobile number on your account to receive SMS about the debit cards and other transactions in the account.
  • Do not share your One-Time-Password (OTP) or debit card PIN/details with any unknown person.
  • Do not respond to any fake SMS, mail, or unknown call so you can share your ATM PIN or any other confidential information.
  • It is always allowed for one person to be with the ATM machine when making transaction.

In summary

Nobody knows your ATM PIN, unless you unveil it to someone — and that is the only way someone can use your ATM Debit card. Same way implies to sharing your Visa, Master, Credit or Debit card with people of which they can use it without your concern. Keep them secrete and avoid sharing your bank particulars as well to avoid scams and fraud.

I am glad I walked you through some of the 8 Tips To Prevent ATM And Debit Card Fraud in Ghana and believed you have shared this post already with friends and loved ones across the various social media platforms.

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