How to Remove Nest Doorbell

Nest Doorbell is a completely wireless smart entrance camera. It contains a doorbell button and a camera with a vertical resolution of 1,280 x 960. You have the option of wiring it to your current doorbell chime system even though it operates wirelessly.

To operate the Nest Doorbell and have access to its battery compartment for battery replacement, you must understand how to install and remove it properly. To discourage miscreants from taking their batteries as a joke or a ruse to rob you, it wasn’t made simple.

In this guide, we will show you how to remove a nest doorbell.

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What is Nest Doorbell?

Google’s Nest Doorbell functions as a wireless video doorbell. The gadget that replaces your older analog doorbell is both a doorbell and a video surveillance camera in one.

With its unique design, it also provides a tall field of vision in contrast to the more cramped views provided by other video doorbell manufacturers on the market, enabling you to see from ground to sky. It is a smart gadget that can operate wirelessly or through a wired connection.

How Can I Remove a Nest Doorbell?

You must first decide if they are the battery-operated or wired version to remove the Nest Doorbell properly. Use the release tool that is provided in the package with the wired Nest Doorbell and the battery-operated Nest Doorbell.

Removing the Nest Doorbell with Battery

A battery-operated doorbell is simpler to remove from its base than a wired doorbell. Your Nest Doorbell should include a “release tool” in the box it was sent in. By doing so, the Nest Doorbell is freed from its support or foundation.

Use a flathead screwdriver instead if you’ve misplaced the tool for whatever reason. At the hole at the top of the doorbell, insert the screwdriver or other instrument. Following that, raise and remove the doorbell from the wall.

Removing the Nest Doorbell with Wired

The supplied release tool is still required if your Nest Doorbell is wired and you want to unplug it from the base. This tool is different from the battery-operated Nest Doorbell release tool, thus a thumbtack or paperclip can be used in place of the flathead screwdriver.

This time, place the thumbtack-sized tool at the bottom of the doorbell and push forward until the doorbell releases. Take hold of the bottom of the doorbell and pull it away from the base and the wall.

What Does Google Nest Do?

Google Nest includes a variety of gadgets, including cameras and doorbells. As they are all “smart” gadgets, Wi-Fi connectivity and the capacity to download and utilize applications for various services are all possible. Wi-Fi speakers are also a feature of Google Home and Nest home appliances.

As a result, they can perform tasks like streaming music directly from the cloud. You may use this to voice-access your preferred music services for podcasts, albums, songs, playlists, and artists. With Google Cast, you can also transfer music from an iOS or Android smartphone.

How Can I Remove Nest Camera from Its Stand or Mount?

Depending on whether you’re using the Nest Cam with battery, Nest Cam Indoor, or Nest Cam Outdoor, you may need to remove your Nest Camera from its stand or mount.

Removing Nest Camera Indoor

Nest Camera Indoor attaches to the metal wall plate with the aid of a powerful magnet. Gripping the base of the camera, you must then pull it away from the plate to remove it. Also, the stand has magnets. To spin and unscrew the stand, you must, however, hold the metal ring there.

Removing the Nest Camera IQ indoor

You don’t need to do anything to remove the camera from a shelf or other similarly shaped surface. The camera head cannot be separated from the base or stand in any way. They are packaged together and must not be tampered with.

Rotate the base till the wall mount comes off if one is included. This is impossible without a mount. As a precaution, remove the screws securing the mount to your wall or ceiling.

Removing the Nest Camera with Battery

Gripping the camera’s base and pulling it away from the plate is required to remove the camera from the wall mount. Removal should be simple because a powerful magnet also holds the plate and camera together.

Grip the camera stand’s base before removing your camera from it. The camera should then be removed from the base. A powerful magnet is used in this as well.

Removing the Nest Camera Outdoor

A powerful magnet secures the Nest Cam Outdoor to a metal plate. A hold on the camera is needed to draw away from the plate to remove such. The installation of the metal plate must be done firmly for the outside camera to adhere to odd areas like porches, walls, and gutters.

Moreover, while taking the camera from a tripod if it has been mounted to one, be sure to hold onto the base of the camera. You should always grab the base for a secure removal, as a general rule.


With the removal tools provided in the package, you may quickly remove the Google Nest Doorbell. You can replace missing or lost tools with commonplace items. Also, this article talks about the removal of other Google Nest devices, such as the Google Nest Indoor and Outdoor Cameras.

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