How To Pay Your StarTimes Monthly Subscription With Your Smartphone

By | May 16, 2021

As part of the pay to view TV decoders in Ghana, StarTimes is one of the commonly used in various Ghanaian homes — coming with over 100 premium channels for entertainment and education.

There has been numerous requests from friends and loved ones about how they can pay for their monthly subscription to StarTime easily without visiting any StarTimes office or branch in Ghana. Then follow this article about how to renew the StarTimes subscription of your chosen package in order not to lose access to your favourite TV channels.

Though Netflix, DStv, GoTv and others offer premium channels for Ghanaians to enjoy moment of amusement and education, you can also make good use of StarTimes as alternative to these Pay to View’ movie channels.

Today on ICT Catalogue, I would like to give you all the required steps needed to follow to pay for your StarTimes monthly subscription via your smartphone.

How To Renew StarTimes Subscription On Android Smartphone Using StarTimes On App

StarTimes has simple and easier guide for users to follow and pay for their monthly subscription according to packages enjoying and this is how to go about that.

  1. Open the StarTimes ON app on your Phone
  2. Click on ME at the lower right-hand corner
  3. Click on StarTimes Decoder Service
  4. Click on Recharge
  5. Select the duration you want to renew, commonly selected days by major Ghanaians is the 30 days.
  6. Choose your payment method. There is Mobile Money option and you can select that for convenience.
  7. Enter your correct details on this page. You will receive a MOMO prompt to enter your PIN to make the payment. Go through that successfully
  8. There will be a dialog prompt on you mobile phone’s screen after completing the payment — indicating that you have successfully renewed your StarTimes package.

I believe this information helps and you can help share with friends and loved ones, drop your comment about how you also paid for your StarTimes monthly package subscription with any other payment method.

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