MTN Senkyu points In Uganda: How To Earn Points, How To Spend And FAQs

By | May 16, 2021

With MTN Senkyu points, Customers also earn bonus points upon joining MTN Senkyu for the first time, they earn bonus points on their birthdays and on their MTN anniversary.

In our today’s article, I would like to give you How to earn MTN Senkyu points, how to spend and frequently asked questions about MTN Senkyu points in Uganda and more.

How To Earn MTN Senkyu Points

TO be able to earn MTN Senkyu Points, you should be doing any of the following below.

  1. Load airtime
  2. Make a call
  3. Send an SMS
  4. Use data
  5. Subscribe to Rich Media Services
  6. Buy voice, data, combo or contextual bundle using airtime or MTN MoMo
  7. Use MTN MoMo to carry out any revenue generating service
  8. Deposit MTN MoMo on their wallets.

Dial *141# or use #MyMTN app

How To Spend MTN Senkyu Points

MTN Uganda in appreciating their customers for using MTN services and their loyalty to the Telecommunication Network company, is giving out the MTN Senkyu points to its subscribers.

Through this revamped program, MTN customers receive redeemable points dubbed ‘Senkyu Points’ each time they use any MTN’s services and can use the redeemable points to buy Voice Bundles, Data Bundles, SMS as well as pay for any goods and services using MTN MoMoPay.

If you want to enjoy the MTN Senkyu loyalty program in Uganda, dial *141# or use the MyMTN App and subscribe. After subscribing you start automatically receive MTN Senkyu points when they use MTN services including; loading airtime, making calls, sending SMS, loading data, using MTN MoMo on sending & deposits, among others.

Earned points will expire after 3 months if no points are used. A customer will also lose any points they have should they opt out of the service.

If you want to know how you can spend the MTN Senkyu points in Uganda, you can use the points accumulated to buy voice bundles, SMS, data or spend on Mobile money.

You just have to check your senkyu points by dialing *141*2# or use the MyMTN App.

MTN Senkyu Points Frequently Asked Questions

After knowing more about how to earn MTN Senkyu points in Uganda, how to spend your points accumulated effectively, let us get to know some of the frequently asked questions about MTN Senkyu in Uganda.

What is MTN Senkyu?

MTN Senkyu is the new loyalty program from MTN where customers are rewarded for being on MTN and for using MTN for calling, sending messages, mobile internet and MTN MoMo transactions.

How do I activate MTN Senkyu in Uganda?

To activate MTN Senkyu, dial *141#, select Join or use the MyMTN App.

How do I check MTN Senkyu points?

To check how many points, you have dial *141# and select option 3 Check Points.

How much is it to use MTN Senkyu?

MTN Senkyu is absolutely free. MTN is saying thank you to all its loyal customers for their support.

Who can use MTN Senkyu?

Any MTN customer can sign up for the service from anywhere at any time. Just dial *141# and choose Join.

How Do I Get MTN Senkyu Points?

After signing up for MTN Senkyu, simply use any of the MTN voice, data, messaging or MoMo transactions to earn points.

MTN Senkyu Duration In Uganda

Your MTN Senkyu points are valid for 3 months and will expire if unused for that period

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