How To Find Jobs Online In South Africa

By | April 18, 2019

This is an ideal post on How To Find Jobs Online In South Africa and everything you need to know.

The Introduction 

How to use the power of the internet to find job opportunities via online and get selected the excellent way from South Africa? Then this is the article that can help you land on the right job portal you may need from South Africa.

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jobs in South AfricaSouth Africa as a nation is one of the land that is filled with rich opportunity in a range of sectors where its entrepreneurship like startups or trying to build a career corporate sector. Based on study by the help of the internet, there are literally thousands of new job opportunities that are being created always or each and every day of which agencies are recruiting more people with the right skills for their business.

There is no right or wrong way to search for a job in South Africa and while agencies that are recruiting are a popular choice the digital age with the help of the internet has brought a new way of job hunting. Due to the need for skills in South Africa the online job portal market has flourished with a number of sites already up and running. With this, there are so many online portals in South Africa that can help you apply for job at easy. How To Find Jobs Online In South Africa.

Online Career Portals In South Africa

Sometimes using some of these online job portals does not only open up to a range of new opportunities both locally and internationally but rather makes application smoother and easier that thought before. The internet has eliminated the times of physical handing of CV in at a potential employer or job seekers visiting job centres or looking through some of the local paper in order to find employment in a specific sector.

The benefits involved

There are so many benefits involved in applying for job through some online portals and some of these are;

  • Few clicks of a button: With this, you can now apply for a job anywhere and anytime in South Africa with just a single click on mouse button to submit your application.
  • No need of writing application & CVs

10 Websites to start your job search

Now that you’re aware of the easy access to a variety of job vacancies through the internet, let’s look at the top 10 recruitment websites and get your job search started. Some of these job portal websites are;

  1. Career jet

In just one search, you’ll have access to jobs published on 35,301 websites all across the world.
Visit Career Jet

  1. Indeed

This website offers millions of jobs from thousands of job boards, newspapers, classifieds and company websites on its platform.
Visit Indeed

  1. Career Junction

Career Junction is one of the most popular job portals in the country, they claim to have 1000 new jobs uploaded to their site daily. So there is really no shortage of inventory and it makes it a great site to visit regularly.

In addition to being a job search engine, Career Junction also allows users to create a custom profile in order to upload CVs and apply through their website via your mobile or desktop device.

Visit Career Junction

  1. Careers24

Careers24 is backed by Naspers and the Media24 group and offer 1000s of jobs and vacancies, not just available in South Africa but abroad as well.

They allow you to search by job title, type and provide users with filtered results of only what you’re looking for. The site also gives the options of uploading your profile, which lets recruiters to see what you have to offer.

Visit Careers24

  1. Jobmail

Jobmail aims to simplify the job application process. They are one of the most popular local jobs portals in the country and also provide users with the option of applying for jobs locally or abroad.

In addition, users can also browse through listings based on which companies are hiring, giving you the ability of pick out opportunities at companies you’re passionate about.

Visit Jobmail

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  1. Best Jobs

This website hosts more than 10, 000 jobs in South Africa and abroad. Best Jobs also lets you register your CV for free on their website.

Visit Best Jobs

  1. Pnet

Pnet offers users a dual service as a job portal site as well an e-Recruitment service to help the job-seeking employers find candidates and hire employees.

Visit Pnet

  1. Gumtree

Gumtree is an online classifieds website, that takes the hassle of physically circling your options to a simple click. It is also one of the most popular sites in the country with thousands of ads being posted each day.

Visit Gumtree

  1. Jobvine

This employment agency will keep you up to date on all job vacancies available, not only through their website but social media as well. Jobvine is constantly being updated and they’re not shy about broadcasting positions via their various channels.
Visit Jobvine

  1. Bizcommunity

Bizcommunity is all about growing business communities. It is no wonder they are one of the top 10 recruiting websites in South Africa.

Visit Bizcommunity

Finding Your Career Path

After going through all these job portal websites, you no longer have an excuse so start registering your profiles, update your CV and begin the application process. There you have it all, the easiest and simplest way to find a new job opportunity for starting your career in South Africa.


Hope this article helps, kindly share with friends around to also apply for jobs of their choice via these websites.How To Find Jobs Online In South Africa.

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