How To Borrow Airtime & Bundles Easily From MTN Ghana

How To Borrow Airtime & Bundles Easily From MTN Ghana.

This is just a brief post on how to borrow airtime on MTN Ghana mobile network at a time of emergency — without relying on any person.

This has happened to all of us before as — in times of emergency, we tend to worry about where or how to get airtime to make that call to get a problem solved.

Those days are no more as sometimes we need airtime urgently to either call or text someone — since mobile networks have improved and advanced so as we can borrow airtime and data bundles then pay later.

I just want to walk you through the steps involved in borrowing airtime from MTN Ghana mobile network and pay at your convenient time.

How To Borrow Airtime On MTN Ghana

Ranging from 0.50 pesewas to GHS 10 based on how frequent you purchase airtime, you can borrow an airtime to make that call, SMS or browse the web and recharge later to pay for that.

To borrow airtime on your MTN number, just follow the steps below:

  • Dial *506#
  • Select the amount of airtime you want from the given options.
  • Select 1 to confirm

Note: You can choose the option 4 for More advanced options

How To Borrow Data Bundle

  • Dial *506#
  • Select 5, Request a data advance
  • Select any option from your preferred data bundle
  • Choose 1 to confirm

How To Check Your Airtime Loan Status

  • Dial the *506#
  • Select option 6, Menu
  • Select 1 for Status

How To Check For Your Borrowed Credit Info

  • Dial *506#
  • Choose 6, Menu
  • Select option 2 – Info
  • Message: Y’ello. If you are eligible for XtraTime service, you can request an airtime or data advance when your balance runs low. Just dial *506#

How To Check For Your Outstanding Credit

  • Dial *506#
  • Select option 6 – Menu
  • Choose the option 3 – Outstanding Credit
  • Message: Y’ello. Your pending credit for MTN XtraTime is 0.04 GHC.

How To Check Your Borrowed Credit History

  • Dial *506#
  • Choose the option 6 – Menu
  • Select option 4 – History
  • You should receive an SMS about your borrowed credit history.

This is how simple it is to borrow an airtime as a loan credit and pay later conveniently — How To Borrow Airtime & Bundles Easily From MTN Ghana.

Take Note: There’s always a 10% charges that will be incurred on any amount of credit borrowed. You will be charged 10% of the credit you borrowed during repayment — and you should have an active MTN SIM card from 3 months and above to be qualified.

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