How To Add Meta Tags To Your Blog As Part Of SEO

By | September 9, 2019

How To Add Meta Tags To Your Blog As Part Of SEO.

In terms of doing SEO for your newly created blog, an old managing blog or website for clients, knowing the kind of title, description and keywords to include in the process of Search Engine Optimization is one key solution to help the search engines understand what that particular blog or website is all about.

In today’s article on ICT Catalogue as Ghana’s Passionate Tech Journal, I just want to write for you on some of the basic Meta tags you need to know, understand and how to fix them into your blog or website as part of Search Engine Optimization.

How To Add Meta Tags To Your Blog As Part Of SEO

A meta tag is an HTML tag that contains data for the search engines and feed information to the search Engines about what a particular blog or website is about. In the web development industry, meta tags do contain particular keywords or phrases informing the search engines about a specific website’s content or information that needs to be part of search results for some of the users that are searching for such information.

In terms of adding meta tags to part of the website you want to be indexed by the various search engines, it’s important to know the kind of meta tags to add and these are the kind of recommended meta tags you can add to your website for search engine bots to understand all about your website.

  • Title Tag: The title tag, is the first and important element for your site’s optimization process. Various search engines over the web do pay much attention to the keywords that appear in the title tag. This helps search engines to show the title tag’s contents in their site listings when showing search results.
  • Description Tag: The description meta tag is another most important after the title tag since it defines the website’s information search engines display when listing sites. The important thing to do is to add description relating to what your blog or website is about. Explain the nature and contents of the page.
  • Keywords Tag: Here’s another part that is very important in the search engine optimization process since it helps the search engine indexes the type of keyword that relates to your blog on search results. Make sure to input keywords that relate to words or phrases on your blog that people are constantly searching for it. ICT Catalogue has some keywords such as Cloud Computing which is a keyword people are searching regularly on the internet

How to Add Meta Tags To Your Website or Blog!

These are the simple steps below to insert meta tags into your blog as you’ve known the types of meta tags to write now.

  1. Open new text editing program. Eg. Notepad
  2. Login to your WordPress Blog
  3. Click on Appearance >> Theme Editor
  4. In the theme editor, click on Theme Header
  5. In the Theme Header, locate the <head> and paste the code below after the <head> tag.
<title>ICT Catalogue | Ghana’s Passionate Tech Journal</title>
<meta name="description" content="ICT Catalogue is a Tech blog about Tech Apps, Reviews, ICT How Tos, Tips, Tricks, ICT Career, ICT Exams, IT Jobs, ICT News in Ghana.">
<meta name="keywords" content="Tech Apps, Hardware, Software, Gadgets, ICT Tips, Blogging, Blogger, SEO, Social Media, Paypal, ICT Career, ICT Exams, IT Jobs, ICT News">
  1. Note: Change the title, description and the keywords to that of your blog in the HTML code above.
  2. Now Save the file.

That’s all!

This is all that it takes to add Meta tags such as Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords to your website.

ICT Catalogue is focusing to maintain the goal in the blogosphere as a tech blog with almost everything on ICT. ICT News both in Ghana and beyond, I.T Career Tips, IT jobs, Blogging Tips, SEO, Telecommunication & Mobile, I.T Scholarship, Social Media, Gadgets, Apps, Hardware & Software, Money Making ideas, DIY Guides and General Tips and Tricks.

This is just a brief post about as a passionate tech journal in Ghana focused more on Technology news in Ghana and Africa as well. How To Add Meta Tags To Your Blog As Part Of SEO.

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