What Is Ghana Zip Code

What Is Ghana Zip Code.

Either you are in Ghana or any part of the world, you probably need zip code to complete any transaction you are doing as part of location. You sometimes use zip codes to verify a location.

When it happens like this, it is always good to know the Zip code of your country and today’s post is solely about Ghana Zip code and Ghana postal code.

What Is Zip?

ZIP simply means Zone Improvement Plan that varies between five or nine digits and sometimes the combination of number and letters.

What Is A Zip Code?

Zip code is a string of numbers that is used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in a system introduced in 1963. This postal code helps determine the location of a parcel or mail.

What Is Ghana Zip Code?

Ghana Zip codes and postal codes represent a lot of code that is utilized in sending letters.

Particularly in Ghana, the commonly known zip codes are; 00233, 23321 or +233.

With the introduction of technology, we now have zip codes for our various locations. In Ghana, there is GhanaPost GPS application that gives you the current location Ghana Zip code.

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You are only required to download and install the app on your smartphone and setup the Ghana zip code or postal code yourself.

Is Ghana Zip Code Same As Ghana Postal Code?

In one of our article, I provided you with the differences between Zip code and Postal code and you can read more about them.

To brief you, Ghana Zip code and Ghana Postal code is a set of code that is used in sending letters, posts and deliveries to various destinations.

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Zip code is the term by the United States Postal Service while Postal code is the term used by non US countries.

What Is Ghana Zip Code or Postal Code For Ghana

With the help of technology and introduction of GhanaPost GPS App, you can now generate postal code anywhere you are in Ghana.

Examples of Ghana Zip Codes Generated by GhanaPost GPS App

Now, when filling any official form in Ghana, it is required that you provide the postal code for your location with code generated from GhanaPost GPS app.

Examples of codes generated by the GhanaPost GPS can be seen below;

  • Adabraka – GA050, GA074 – GA076, GA100 – GA103
  • Asylum Down – GA027, GA028, GA048, GA049, GA073
  • Gold Coast City – GA078, GA079, GA110, GA111

Anywhere you are, just download the GhanaPost GPS app and learn how to generate your digital address using the mobile app.

If you are looking for Zip code for Ghana, Street Address in Ghana, address in Accra, Ghana, postal code for Ghana, then this article has all and got you covered.

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