Banks That Offer Prepaid Visa Cards In Ghana

In taking a look into some of the banks that offer prepaid visa cards in Ghana, there are a lot to mention for Ghanaians here and I urge you to keep in touch and share after reading this useful post.

Recently, I published a post about some of the banks that work on Sundays in Ghana, particularly Accra, and I have numerous requests from visitors and friends — to educate them on some of the banks that offer prepaid visa cards in Ghana.

Though there are a lot of banks in Ghana but only few of them offer Visa prepaid cards for internet and other transactions purposes. These few banks have been doing well for provision of prepaid Visa cards in Ghana to facilitate online business activities of internet entrepreneurs and other business experts in the country.

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I wrote this article from my personal experience, as the time I had wanted to purchase domain name and hosting online just to start a blog in Ghana, but do not know how to go about in getting a visa prepaid card. I used to call other internet marketers with Visa prepaid cards to buy things for me online.

From time to time, I heard about PayPal account but where is the Visa Card to link and verify your PayPal account in Ghana? This got me seek more information about the easier ways to get Visa Prepaid cards to facilitate my internet business journey. I then found Zenith Bank’s prepaid and applied for it, moved to UBA Prepaid Visa and now I choose to get the prepaid Visa card of any bank with some in Ghana.

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Here are some of the Banking institutions in Ghana that offer prepaid Visa Cards to Ghanaians to facilitate online transactions. Most of the banks require a valid identification card (Ghana Card, Voter’s ID, Passport, Driver’s License or SSNIT Card), and make online transactions more convenient.

Today, I will like to walk you through some of the banks that offer Visa prepaid cards in Ghana, coming with their prices and requirements before a card can be issued for you.

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Ghana Ltd

Ecobank Ghana

Stanbic Bank

First Atlantic Bank

Access Bank Plc

GT Bank

Zenith Bank

ADB Bank

FBNBank Ghana Ltd

Fidelity Bank

There are top 10 banks in Ghana that offer prepaid visa card to the Ghanaian citizens for online transactions. This is a preferred way of payment because of easy transactions from immediate settlement to convenience in banking hours.

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There might be other banks out there that issues Visa prepaid card but is not included in this article guide here. Kindly make use of the comment box if you have any bank in mind to suggest and we will update this post with it — for others.

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