Ghana To Tax Social Media Usage?

By | May 11, 2021

As the number of Ghanaians who use social media keeps increasing, there are reports that, Ghana is considering imposing tax on Facebook, WhatsApp and other instant messaging platforms.

According to DW Africa, Ghana is taking a queue from Uganda which is already earning taxes from social media users.

According to the report, the Ghanaian Government claims that, since many Ghanaians prefer using social media platforms to interact, it is earning less revenue from traditional phone calls and text messages.

The proposal comes in the wake of of social media campaign demanding that, the Government fix the problems in the Country with a hashtag #FixTheCountry.

Campaigners argued that, the demand for the Government to fix the Country is as a result of growing disaffection over the rising cost of living.

Campaigners have even set a date to embark on a demonstration to put more pressure on the Government to fix the problems in the Country.

But, organizers are battling with the Ghana Police Service after the Police Secured a restraining order from a High Court that prevents organizers from embarking on the planned demonstration.

Officials of the Government have maintained that, the problems in the Country are being fixed and some members of the ruling party are asking Ghanaians to fix themselves.

What is your say, do you think social media usage be taxed in Ghana?

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