Five Reasons Why Your Infinix Or TECNO Phone Charges Slowly

By | September 18, 2023

These are the top Five Reasons Why Your Infinix Or TECNO Phone Charges Slowly today.

I believe you are Infinix or TECNO mobile phone lover, and experiencing slow charging mode in your smartphone.

The headache alone can cause you to drop your original TECNO or Infinix mobile phone – and go for another mobile phone. Our android smartphones become very hot when experiencing battery issues and Why Your Smartphone Gets Hot And How To Prevent It you can read about how to prevent your smartphone from getting hot.

What if the new Infinix or TECNO phone experiences such a problem again after dropping the old one and go for new?

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This is why I will recommend that you take your time and read about the five solid reasons why your Infinix or TECNO mobile phone charges slowly – though you are using high electricity power for charging it.

Our smartphone functions very well when it is adequately powered. With this, every smartphone comes with its charger and other accessories suited to it.

In this article, I will like to walk you through five reasons why your Infinix or Tecno phone charges slowly. These reasons are;

Faulty USB Cable

I hope you are aware that our smartphone comes with its accessories and charger which are basic accessories we cannot do away with.

One of the main reason why your Infinix or Tecno mobile phone charges slowly can be due to bad charging cable. When a cable gets overworked and it’s not handled properly, this can cause its output to diminish.

When it happens like this, you can test your smartphone with another the USB cable to check and see whether it works fine. If not, kindly search for a brand-new USB cable for your Infinix mobile or TECNO mobile phone.

Bad Adapter

We sometimes fail to unplug the charger when our smartphone has been fully charged. When this happens, there can be damaging effects on the charger head. A sudden power surge may cause the adapter to malfunction or worse, get burnt. Learn to unplug your charger after fully charged and get good adapter to do away with slow phone charging issue.

Weak Power Source

As a smartphone user, always learn to plug your with a wall charger to boost your mobile phone. This is known to be the fastest means. A lot of people tend to charge their mobile phones with computer, using cable. Charging your mobile phone with a computer is not the best option – as it will cause you a slow charge for your phone.

Using Phone While Charging

I am a fan of this victim sometimes, until sometime that I decided to put a stop to it.

Using your mobile phone while it’s charging slows charging and cause damage to your phone. You should take a break and allow your phone to charge.

Fault Charging Port

Your smartphone gets weak when you constantly plug in and removal of USB. This may also occur due to wear and tear or a Software glitch.

Where To Fix Slow Charging Issues For Infinix and TECNO Phone

Most times, you can visit Calcare Service as the only Authorized repair centre for all Infinix and TECNO phones.

When you need more professional assistance with your smartphone, visit an authorized centre and fix any issue related to your smartphone.

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If you are looking for the reasons why your Tecno Phone charges slow, why your Infinix phone charges slow, then this article has all for you to prevent your smartphone from charging slow — with the best solution.

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