Top Sites To Buy Mobile Phone Accessories Online In Ghana

By | June 19, 2020

Top Sites To Buy Mobile Phone Accessories Online In Ghana.


These are some of the top websites you can buy mobile phone accessories online in Ghana within the thin air.

There’s no way we can live a day without getting access to use our mobile phones at either; home, office, school or market.

Webmaster confirm always that, they used to get almost 90% of their mobile traffic from mobile users on the internet. There’s no doubt to this — as each and everyday, new smartphones are coming from mobile phone brands across the world integrating them with the latest technology for smartphone lovers.

Using a mobile phone owning a brand new salon car from Kantanka Automobile in Ghana or VW company. Nobody loves to see his or her car getting old, and will be spraying it from time to time to get its new outlook again. Same thing applies to using mobile phone as we try to find additional technologies to make it attractive. These are mobile accessories and more.

What is mobile phone accessories?

Mobile phone accessories include any hardware that is not integral to the operation of a mobile smartphone as designed by the manufacturer. Some of these mobile accessories include; cell phone Cases, Anti-lost devices, Phone charms, Mass storage, Chargers and external batteries, Photo accessories, selfie stick, Smartphone tripod mount etc.

Is mobile phone charger an accessory?

Mobile phone charger is not a part of mobile phone but an accessory thereof.

Nobody will love to use a mobile phone with cracked glass and such is why the screen protector is there to prevent the glass from breakages. If you’re found to be someone who always allow your phone to hit the ground accidentally, then getting a screen protector will be the best option for you.
The screen protector helps your phone is such that, even when it hits the floor, it will not affect your main phone screen as the screen protector saves your main phone’s screen.

The colours or outlooks of smartphones are part of the reason why you will love to buy and there’s no way you would love to see the colour of your mobile phone scratching or fading out. This calls for phone cover.

I always use my mobile phone when writing an article — for the purpose of conducting some piece of research and do throw it to the bed each time I’m done, this alone can fade out the colour gradually and will make your mobile phone tend to become old.

We all need phone accessories to make the use of our mobile phones interesting.

Top Sites To Buy Mobile Phone Accessories Online In Ghana.

I will provide you with some of the top sites to buy mobile phone accessories online in Ghana and here are they below;

Tonaton (buy & sell) in the Ashanti’s local dialect is just a simple name for buying and selling. The platform has been noted across Ghana for buying and selling anything ranging from electronics, cars, gadgets, mobile phones, cloths, computers & Laptops, Houses and more. Mobile Phone accessories are not exceptional on — as you can head to the website and search for your desired mobile phone accessory and continue to buy.
Tonaton is known to be the platform you can buy, sell and make money as well and we recommend you to always meet the person you will be buying an item from physically.

Never send money to a seller on Tonaton, as it’s recommended that you meet the person and also at day time to check the specs of the item well before making payment.

How to buy accessories on Tonaton

  • Visit the website,
  • Search for your desired Mobile accessory
  • Check specs and read the description by the seller
  • Call to verify and meet him or her in person in day-time to make payment

Jumia has been noted as a big eCommerce website in Ghana, also to be all things platform, with cloths, bed-spreads, pilow cases, mobile phones, shoes, shirts, cups, caps, mobile phone accessories etc.

You can always navigate to the eCommerce website and check out for your goods and accessories, and there chance is there for you to order for mobile phone accessories at cheaper price and get it delivered to you. There’s an option you can also pay on delivery. From headset, android charger, android cables, android phone covers, android screen protectors, then you’re good to check them out on

The platform has been trusted by almost 70% of Ghanaians who are internet users, for buying items on the platform and paying before even getting it delivered to them.

How to buy a mobile phone accessory from

  • Visit
  • Search for the accessory you looking for
  • Select and read the description carefully
  • Checkout and make payment or choose pay on deliver
  • Provide your residential address
  • Wait for some days to get it delivered to your address

Franko Trading Enterprise is best known for Retail and Wholesale Mobile Phone and Accessories Company in Ghana. Franko Trading has an online store where you can purchase all your electronics, as well as , cool gadgets, computers, and more on the go.

Franko Trading is best know for mobile phone selling in Ghana, with branches across the nation; Kumasi, Accra, Takoradi, Kasoa, Cape Coast etc.

Despite buying latest smartphones in Ghana from Franko Trading, the mobile phone company sells phone televisions that are branded as Franko TV in addition. You can buy your interesting android phone or any other mobile phone, pay with your mobile money account and get it delivered to you.

Head to the website of Franko Trading, and make a choice for the accessory you are looking for.

How to buy accessories from Franko Trading

  • Visit their website,
  • Search for desired accessory, and add to cart
  • Make payment using any of the Mobile Money in Ghana
  • Provide your residential or location details to them
  • Wait for some couple of hours and get it delivered to you.

Formerly OLX, now Jiji, has the chance for you to buy the latest mobile phone accessories online in Ghana. It is the biggest free online classified with an advanced security system in Ghana. provides a simple hassle-free solution to sell and buy almost anything online in Ghana.

Jiji has been noted as one of the best place to sell or buy anything to real people online in Ghana. Check below on how to buy cell phone accessories online from

How buy accessories online from

  • Visit the website,
  • Go to Mobile Phones & Tablets
  • Click on Accessories for Mobile Phones & Tablets
  • Search for the desired phone accessories you want and call the seller

Kikuu is known to be one of the common eCommerce platforms in Ghana. The company is known to be Hangzhou Jiku Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as KiKUU) that was founded in 2015, it was original born in Africa, and that’s why the founders call it “Africa our second Home”. KiKUU has independently created a cross-border e-commerce trading platform and is committed to helping global businesses to develop B2C services in Africa through serving the end user customers directly. With the help of Mobile penetration and internet (4G) user growth, the company is using its own developed K-PAY Payment system, Kikuu desires to serve its customers in Africa with confidence.

Taking advantage of our logistics operations in nine countries: Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Congo (Kinshasa), Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Congo (Brazzaville), declares as it is the first e-commerce company in Africa to deploy their core system from online order to customer delivery. has categories you can buy items such as; Holders & Stands, Necklace, Dresses, Rings, Shoulder Bags, Bottoms, Hair Weft & Closure, Baby’s Sets.

You can easily buy your cell phone accessories over the platform by searching for any preferred accessory and add to cart or click on buy now to proceed to making payment to get your accessories delivered.

In summary, this is all you may need to know about Top Sites To Buy Mobile Phone Accessories Online In Ghana. Cell phone accessories make the use of our smartphones comfortable and simple to use.

Wrapping up

We sometimes feel like not going anywhere but have the desire for mobile phone accessory at the same time. It really pain to go to the market to buy mobile phone accessories at a time you feel like not going anywhere. Following the information above help you to buy Mobile Phone Accessories Online In Ghana and get it delivered to your doorstep within some hours.

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