How To Check For Original Or Fake Memory Card Before Buying

By | July 21, 2020

How To Check For Original Or Fake Memory Card Before Buying.

The rate at which fake Memory card as an external SD card has been on the rise these days is causing people to be wasting money on this mobile phone accessory.

It will also be good if you take your time to find out if the memory card you are about to buy is original or fake before making an attempt to pay for it.

Buying memory cards from recognised stores is one of the best options to reduce to risk of getting a fake memory card, but always keep in mind that you can also buy a fake memory card from a recognised mobile phone shop without your awareness.

All things being equal, knowing the difference between fake and original memory card is the best option to choose now. This will help you take your time to review the memory card, inspect to see its originality and how it can last longer for you.

I know some people do prefer to buy memory cards from big brands like Sandisk, Samsung, Tecno, and others.

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, it is very difficult to detect an original memory card and also difficult in trying to figure out if a memory card is fake or original by looking at it — with the physical features.

In most situations, memory cards that are with high storage capacity are the ones that are mostly imitated and with higher proliferation and the reason for that is not far-fetched as they tend to be the most sorted out memory cards against those with lower memory capacity.

In this post, I will walk you through some of the steps to follow in selecting the perfect and original memory card for personal use — for your smartphone.

How To Check For Original Or Fake Memory Card Before Buying.

Time and tide waits for no man and here are the steps you should follow to check and determine if the memory card that you are buying or the one you already bought is original or fake;

  • Depending on the capacity of memory card that you want to buy, if for example it is 32GB SD memory card that you are buying, put it in a device and transfer file worth say up to 25GB or more into it and see if it will retain the content.
  • If it retains the contents at that first device, take out the memory card and insert into an entirely different device and check again whether it retains the contents.

If it does retain the content again in this second device, then there is high tendency that you are buying original memory card as most fake memory cards out there will not retain contents near the size of the acclaimed original capacity size of memory card.

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